Family History Notebook

Poise House and Poise Mill
(Wellington House)
Bosden, Cheshire

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Brief description of site

This site had a house with grounds and a park built by Thomas Robert Mosely in the first half of the 19th century. The house is associated with, but is set at some distance from the mill to the south-east corner of the park. The house has a separate approach road and is set within a wooded area with probable productive gardens to the south-west. The site survives in part. The house and gardens have become part of a hospital but the park has been built over.

Brief history of site

Thomas Mosely was first a silk and then a muslin manufacturer. He built a new cotton mill, Wellington Mill, in 1836. It is likely that he acquired the land around his mill and reservoir in order to build himself a new and grander residence at this time. The house continued to be occupied by owners of Wellington Mill until the mill was acquired by the Hollins Mill Company when it then seems to have been let out to other business men.

Taken from an excerpt from a handwritten journal by John Cooper (1855-1934), third son of Bernard Gilpin Cooper: 'In 1840 he (Bernard Gilpin Cooper), with the help of his eldest brother John Cooper of Penwortham, purchased some property, about 200 acres, and house at Hazel Grove, near Stockport, Cheshire, for I believe 10,000; it was then called "Poise" House, but these brothers altered it to "Wellington House". When the house and property were sold for 40,000 in 1875 it was re-named "Poise" House and is so named now (1927).' [Contributor: Barnaby Miln, great-grandson of John Cooper].

Poise house was occupied by Ernest Carver, son of Thomas Carver in 1902 (Kelly's Directory) - grandson of the founder of Hollins Mill Company. Ernest married Alice Bagshawe. (Alice was the daughter of W G Greaves-Bagshaw, when he died in 1914 she inherited Ford Hall, and Ernest, Alice and their children changed their surname, by deed poll, to Bagshawe.)

Poise Hoise was still owned by the Health Authority in 1998  but, from the map, appears to have since been redeveloped.

Location information:

Grid Reference SJ 927 875 (the mill); SJ 931 873 (the house)
Cooper Street, Hazel Grove, SK7 4LB

Poise House and mill from 1844 tithe map

Poise House and mill - modern map

Poise House and Mill - Land owned by Joseph Cooper and Sons
(Click on map for full resolution image of Bosden township tithe map 1844 - 1.4MB)