Family History Notebook

The Place-Names of Cheshire
(English Place-Name Society)

by John McN. Dodgson; Vol. LXXIV. The Place-Names of Cheshire, Part 5 (2), by John McN. Dodgson, edited and completed by Alexander R. Rumble.

Each of Parts 1-4 is separately paginated. For pagination of Part 5, see below.

Part 1 (Vol. XLIV), first published 1970: Macclesfield Hundred. Besides names of the county, roads, rivers, regions, and forests, e.g., Wirral, The Lyme, Delamere, and Mondrem, names discussed include Cheadle, Marple, Macclesfield, Northenden, and Stockport.

ISBN: 0 521077 03 6  xlvi + 338 pp.

Part 2 (Vol. XLV), first published 1970: Bucklow and Northwich Hundreds. Altrincham, Comberbatch, Congleton, Knutsford, Middlewich, Northwich, and Sale, are among the settlements whose names are discussed in this Part.

ISBN: 0 521079 14 4  lx + 329 pp.

Part 3 (Vol. XLVI), first published 1971: Nantwich and Eddisbury Hundreds. The area extends from the Shropshire border to the Mersey estuary, containing part of the salt-field, the uplands of the Forest of Delamere, and Crewe, Nantwich, Winsford, Winnington, and Frodsham.

ISBN: 0 521080 49 5  xvi + 329 pp.

Part 4 (Vol. XLVII), first published 1972: Broxton and Wirral Hundreds. Concluding the survey of the county (apart from the City of Chester), in this Part are discussed such names as Wallasey, West Kirby, Birkenhead, Hoylake, Ellesmere Port, Malpas, and Noctorum.

ISBN: 0 521082 47 1  xvi + 340 pp.

Part 5 (1:i) (Vol. XLVIII), first published 1981: The City of Chester. The Elements of Cheshire PlaceNames (-gylden). In this first division of the fifth Part, the names of the City of Chester are studied in considerable detail and are fully indexed in the volume. Pp. 85-204 contain the first section of the glossary of elements, with lists of examples and selected page references.

ISBN: 0 90489 07 6  li + 204 pp.

Part 5 (1:ii) (Volume LIV) first published 1981: The Elements of Cheshire Place Names. This volume, paginated continuously with Part 5 (1:i), contains the second instalment, haca-yolden, of the glossary of place name elements (pp. 205-396), with analyses of field-name types (pp. 396-405) and personal names (pp. 406-26). ISBN: 0 904889 08 4  ix + 221 pp.

Part 5 (2) (Volume LXXIV)

Introduction, Linguistic Notes and Indexes with Appendixes. First published 1998: Addenda and Corrigenda to The Place-Names of Cheshire (pp. xv-xxiii); Index to The Place-Names of Cheshire, Pts 1-5 (pp. 1-184); Distribution of field-name elements (pp. 185-9); Linguistic notes (pp. 190-219); Introduction (pp. 220-47); Appendix 1: Five reprinted articles by John Dodgson, with supplementary notes (pp. 248-370); Appendix 2, The environmental background by Dr D. Kenyon (pp. 371-86); Notes on Map 1, by F. I. Dunn (pp. 387-90).

ISBN: 0 904889 54 8  xxiii + 391 pp. 2 maps.