Family History Notebook

Yathouse NY143002 (Yatthouse, Yeathouse, Yethouse, Yattus, Gatehouse)

In 1578, the Percy Survey gives the following information (with acknowledgement to "Past Presented")

Edward Woodend [Gatehouse 1587]- little house, barn, New Close adj. (1.5r), Guddie Close (3r), Howe Myre (close, 2.5r), parcel of meadow in Robert Diconson's Hollow Myre (0.25r), The Oaks (close of wood & arable, 1.5a): rent 2/6, parcel of land in the Bend garth: rent 3d; "One old improvement full of stones" (1.5a): rent 4d, "And for moulture and Walker, to wit, for a corn mill and a Walk Mill decayed": 2d. Total 3/7 yearly.

and in the Eskdale 24 book of 1587:-

Edward Woodend & Chris. Hartley at Yeathouse; John & Robt. Dickonson at Randlehow to drive same way as Langregreen tenants as far as Bangarth. Hollinghow tenant to drive up his own ground to Bangarth. Thence all three: ..."over Starbeck green and over Atkinson's Foard and up Atkinson's Gate till they come forth at the Gatehead even against Hinging stone and to drive to the Green between the Gillheads and to leave them at any place within their own Ground, the Hinging stone to be the Groundmark between Bakerstead and them at the Netherside, and on the Westside, the third between the Nethermost Greingill, and Stephenson's Fould to be the Ground-mark, between Bakerstead and them, And when their Goods are on the Sunside of Mite that they shall drive their Sheep to the Hight of Longhow."

Henry Nicholson of Hollinhow apparently acquired Yeathouse sometime before 1612 since his son, William, who died before him in 1612, mentioned Yeathouse in his will. William's son Henry Nicholson was admitted to Yeathouse on the death of his grandfather in 1627 and was tenant at the General Fine of 1633. The Property was mortgaged to Jenet Dixon from 1638 - 1643 and, apparently, transferred to Nicholas Walker in 1649. Emma Hartley died at Yethouse in 1660.

It seems probable that Henry had a son, Nicholas, and this Nicholas Nicholson, who married Bridget Robinson in 1637 had a son Nicholas  (born 1643) whose own son Nicholas was born at Yat House in 1677 and inherited Yatthouse following his father's death in 1719. The annual rent was then 3/7. His son Nicholas Nicholson (1716 - 1768), born at Yathouse, inherited the property.

In 1737 William Viccars, weaver, was living at Yathouse presumably as a tenant as a tenant.

 Although he died at Penny Hill he left Yeathouse to his two daughters Hannah and Elizabeth. Hannah married Henry Bateman and Elizabeth married Thomas Hartley. The Batemans farmed Penny Hill and the Hartleys Yeathouse. After Elizabeth's death (1802?) the property was sold to Isaac Wilson in 1812. For later transfers, see below.

However in 1639 the heirs of William Dickson (of Yeathouse) were listed among the tenants at will.

In 1660 a probate inventory was drawn up for Emmie Hartley of Yethouse.

Conveyance, 5 Nov 1737: Ruth Wilson, spinster, and her mother Elizabeth Wilson, widow, both of Gillbank, to William Viccars of Yathouse, weaver, for 90: their messuage/tenement known as Gillbank, yearly rent 2/8.5 (now occ themselves).
Witnesses: Nicholas Dickinson, John Viccars, Stephen Nicholson, John Nicholson

From Eskdale and District Local History Society notes:-

1st. Dec 1759
to Nicholas Nicholson of Eskdale Gatehouse consisting of a messuage .... 15 acres    quit rent 3/9
26th april 1769
 Hannah Nicholson and Elizabeth Nicholson daurs of Nich Nicholson deceased Coheirs to an estate called Yeathouse by the death of the said Nicholas Nicholson
4th May 1802
Henry Bateman and John Hartley tenants in trust for the children of Eliz Hartley left by will a freehold estate called Gatehouse Eskdale
21 April 1812
Isaac Wilson purchaser of a tenement in Eskdale called Gatehouse
1st May 1852
William Russell tenant of a house and garden called Esk Vill by purchase of a piece of land from Gatehouse Estate
2 June 1865
Daniel Key Rea free of Esk Vill by purchase from the assignees of William Russell
5th June 1884
Russell Rea and James Edward Horton by will of Daniel Key Rea to a tenement called Esk Villa part of Gatehouse3rd June 1886
Russell Rea, Annie Eliz Horton, James Hall Rea, Alice Rea and Ada Hope, Russell Rea tenants by purchase from trustees of Isaac Wilson
28th May 1891
J H Rea tenant by purchas from R R., A.E.H., A.H.R.R. of Gatehouse farm
5th May 1819
Porter Tyson by purchase from Isaac Wilson of Gatehouse for a parcel of ground called Intack house the yearly rent of 3d
21 April 1847
Henry Hird purchaser of a house and garden situate at Gatehouse in Eskdale
25th May 1893
Hannah Hird tenant by will of Henry Hird part of Gate House
23rd May 1890
Ministers and Churchwardens of Eskdale for time being tenants of part of Gatehouse Green by purchase from J.H.Rea
Owners in 1894
James Hall Rea
Hannah Hird
Ministers and churchwarden of Eskdale for the time being

There is another Yeathouse in Frizington and one north of Broughton in Furness.