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Yeathouse NY041171 (Yeat House, Yatehouse, Yathouse) - Frizington

Not to be confused with Yeathouse in Eskdale. There is also another Yeat House between Broughton in Furness and Torver at SD 248887.

Yeathouse Mines

"In the history of [Cumberland] iron mines, Yeathouse figures very large. It would be impossible to give details of every mining activity that occurred here as this area was one of the first to attract prospectors for iron ore.

Recorded history begins in 1747 when Joshua Gee, of Shropshire, took a lease to mine ore in the Yeathouse area. During this lease, between 2,000 and 3,000 tons of ore were raised. This was carted to the coast, some to Parton and some to Whitehaven, for shipment.

In 1838, on the 1st of August of that year, a lease was taken out by Messrs Tulk and Ley. These two, John Augustus Tulk and James Peard Ley of Bideford, had taken over the Seaton and Lowca ironworks in 1827 and had mining interests in other areas. A letter written by Tulk tells of a Mr Satterthwaite who worked iron ore at Yeathouse previously and won 500 to 600 tons. In 1842, the first steam engine to be used in an iron mine in West Cumberland was installed at John Pit by Messrs Tulk and Ley. Prior to this, the only machines used were the jackroll and the horse gin.

Around 1843 some old workings were broken into by Tulk and Ley and several old oak spades were found. This also happened at the Langhorn mines in the South Bigrigg area. These old workings dated from the century before. Which pit these discoveries were made in is not clear, but Edward Pit was sunk after this in 1849. Isaac Pit went down to 190 feet; St John Pit down to 125 feet; Water Pit down to 108 feet.

The shallowest was No.2 Pit which worked at 72 feet. Edward Pit worked at two levels, 164 feet and 200 feet, the deepest of these mines. The Yeathouse Mine was later connected to the newer Lonsdale Mine. The mine was abandoned in 1867. "

(The Red Hills: Dave Kelly p42


"I believe the following marriage announcement is amongst the very first ever given in any newspaper in the North of England. It appeared in June, 1775: - "Saturday last, at Arlecdon Church, by the Rev. Mr. Baxter, jun., Mr. Henry Westray, of Hesket Hall, in Ennerdale, to Miss Hannah Myers, of Yathouse, an agreeable young lady, with a handsome fortune.
Helen Strickland"

I think you will find that there is a Yat(e) house in Arlecdon parish.

An even bigger problem is that the Arlecdon register says that the bride was a Hannah Mirehouse and not Hannah Myers ?

[c.f. John Myrehouse ... a descendant of John Myras [Myreouse], who held land of Henry VIII]

Hi All,
And finally ?
In 1756 a Hannah Mirehouse, a dau.of Joseph Mirehouse from Yeathouse, was baptised in Arlecdon parish church.

Hi Alan,
Probably Yeathouse at Frizington, which was there in the mid 1700's   - it means Gate-house.

1761 Probate for will of James Myers of Yathouse, Arlecdon.


Yeat House on OS 1:25000 NY041171

Article from the Ulverston Advertiser, 6th June 1861
Fatal Accident at Yatehouse Mines
A man named Fleming Postlethwaite residing in Kinniside was killed at Yatehouse Mines, Frizington, on Tuesday week, by a portion of the roof of the working in which he was working falling upon him. The unfortunate man had only commenced to work at Yatehouse that day, and had been but a short time in the pit when the accident occurred. He has left a widow and eight children.
Newspaper transcript kindly provided by West Cumbria Mines Research.
(Durham Mining Museum)

Notice is hereby given, that the Mining Copartnership heretofore subsisting between us the undersigned, William Burnyeat the elder, Wi8lliam Burnyeat the younger, Thomas Cannell Dixon, John Hodgson, Isaac Hodgson and John Danson Newton, carrying on business in copartnership as Iron Ore Proprietors, at Whitehaven, Yeathouse, and Frizington, all in the county of Cumberland, under the style or firm of the Yeathouse Mining Company, has this day been dissolved by mutual consent. - Dated this 22nd day of January,1884.
    William Burnyeat.        John Hodgson
    Wm. Burnyeat, jr.         Isaac Hodgson.
    Thos. C. Dixon.               John Danson Newton.
(The London Gazette, March 7, 1884)

Cottage Property For Sale At
Yeat House, Frizington, In The
Parish Of Arlecdon:

       To be sold by private treaty, Three Dwelling-Houses, the property of
Mr. Issace GOULD. The property is in good tenantable order, having been
recently built.  The property is situated within five minutes walk of Yeathouse
Station of the Whitehaven, Cleator, and Egremont Railway.

       For further particulars apply to Mr. William MARTIN, Commission Agent,
Arlecdon-road, Egremont.
(Whitehaven News Dec. 4, 1879)