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The Keswick Area

In the early 1830s five Swindle brothers - Vipond, Thomas, Christopher, Jacob and Peter -  moved from Garrigill to the Keswick area. They all married local girls, Jacob and Thomas marrying on the same day in January 1833,  Christopher in 1835, Vipond in 1837 and Peter in 1841. Two older brothers, John and George, remained in Garrigill. All the family were lead miners.

It seems likely that the move to Keswick was prompted by the development of the Greenside mine on the east side of Helvellyn - certainly Christopher and Jacob were working there in 1834, Christopher, Peter and Thomas in 1842 and Vipond in 1845. In 1835 Jacob, with a partner William Sparks, led a group of miners who opened up the Wythburn mine on the west side of Helvellyn.  His brothers Peter and Vipond were also involved,  but the venture collapsed in 1837 and the brothers returned to working at Greenside.

It may well be that the brothers were involved in other mines in the area but further records have not emerged.

The brothers lived in the small lanes and alleys of Victorian Keswick -
    -    1841 - Back Lane (Christopher), Bank's Yard (Jacob, Vipond), Harriman's Field (Thomas, Peter)
    -    1851 - Wren's Yard (Peter), Bank's Yard (Jacob), Main Street (Vipond), Back Lane (Christopher)


Thomas Swindle, son of the brothers' cousin, John,  lived most of his life in Allendale as a lead miner but moved over to St John's in the Vale between 1881 and 1889. In 1889 he describes himself as a miner but by 1893 he had set himself up as a coal agent and is followed in this trade by his son Thomas. They lived at Bridge House.