Family History Notebook

Garrigill Gate


6 children born to George Swindle and Susannah Vipond (Thomas, Christopher, Jacob, Peter, Robert, Isaac) - the last four described as Gatefoot. Susannah buried 1818, Robert 1818 and Isaac 1820. George described as a miner except in 1818 when he is described as a yeoman.

Gate Foot, Garrigill

1824 - 1827  Susan (Susannah) and George born to John Swindle and Mary Stout. John is a lead miner.  John and Mary's later children born at Middlehouses.

1865 Sarah buried aged 32

1881 census

5 dwellings enumerated. John and Hannah Swindle living here (both born c 1828). John is a lead miner.

(Also 54 dwellings at Garrigill Gate, and 8 at Garrigill Gate Head - no other Swindle)