Family History Notebook
8th November 2008

Hillersdon Terrace, Nenthead

In 1825 the London Lead Mining Company planned to build a total of 24 houses and cottages in Hillersdon Terrace - see extract above from Arthur Raistrick's copy of the 1825 plan for Nenthead - but the northerly 12 cottages appear to never have been built as can be seen from the picture below taken from William Wallace's 1890 description of Alston Moor. (The 1881 census lists 19 families living in Hillersdon Terrace - the row of houses to the fore in the picture)

including Frank Swindle and his aunt Margaret Proud in the sixth house

Three Swindle families were living in Hillersdon 1 Terrace in 1841:-

By 1851 the older Francis and Margaret had died, but their daughter Margaret had married a neighbour, William Proud, and the other two families were still living there, John now married with a family and looking after his mother Sarah

Hillersdon Terrace 2003


By 1861 the younger Francis and his wife had both died but in his turn his son Francis with his sister Mary were living there, as well as William Proud and Margaret, who were looking after Margaret's infant nephew, yet another Francis Swindle. This Francis was still living there (in the sixth house from the centre of the village) in 1881 with his aunt Margaret at the time of the 1881 census.

In 1923 John Wallace Swindle married Mary Ethel Richardson of Hillersdon Terrace


1    Did it start out as Hillersden Terrace - which is how I have noted it from the 1841 census and one entry in the 1851 census - or is this a transcription error on my part? In 1844 in the Garrigill Registers it is Hillerstone Terrace.