Family History Notebook
12th August 2007

Middlehouses, Garrigill, Cumberland (NY743422)

A group of houses on the northern side of the South Tyne, half a kilometre north of Garrigill, beteen Low Houses and Shield Hill.

George and Susannah moved to Middlehouses from Gatefoot in 1820 or 1821, possibly with John, George, Sarah, Vipond, Thomas, Christopher, Jacob and Peter. Susannah died in 1821 and Sarah married in 1824 before the death of her father in 1828. This left the seven boys.

John married in 1824 and moved back to Middlehouses in 1828 - probably after the death of his father - and remained there, certainly to the baptism of his last child Mary in 1836 and probably to his death (1837?)

George married in 1826 and stayed at Middlehouses until his death in 1853.


1827 - 1835    George, William, Susan, Vipond born to George and Mary. Susan(nah) buried 1844. Thomas Archer Swindle buried 1857 aged 14. George buried 1853 aged 49

1829 - 1836    John, Tamar, Susan and Mary born to John and Mary

1850                Jacob buried aged 5

1857                Mary buried aged 22