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Swindale locations


In their Dictionaries of Surnames Reaney and Wilson follow Hanks and Hodges in pointing to Swindale near Skelton in the North Riding of Yorkshire.  I have found Swindale Farm (previously known as Swindale House) and Swindale Beck some 8 km south of Saltburn. Despite the comment in Reaney and Wilson there is no evidence yet found  of any connection between this Swindale and the Swindale/Swindell &tc surname.


In my part of the family, knowing that the Swindales came from the west of the Lake District in the early part of the 20th century, there was a natural tendency to connect the name with valley of Swindale in the east of Lake District, 5 km SW of Shap.

The Swindale Beck runs down through Brough in Cumbria to join the River Eden and there is a Swindale Grange 0.5 km outside Brough as well as a Swindalehead House further up the stream. Another Swindale runs down a few miles west to Hilton and yet another further west runs down to Knock.   In the same area, but to the south-west, Great Swindale and Little Swindale run down into Weasdale.


Swyndelves in Cheshire is a location identified by Bardsley in his Dictionary.

Other Areas

Place names deriving from the root Swin are common in the north-east - for example 10 km north of Hexham the Swin Burn runs down from Swinburne Castle to Little Swinburn.

Another Swind(a)le yet to be located is recorded near Uckington in Shropshire. Another Swyndle Hill yet to be located is recorded near (Rowton?) on the Shropshire/Stafford border (suffiently far from Uckington to be definitely distinct. A Swindell Close is recorded in 1624 in the Great Gaddesden estate, Hertfordshire which by 1768 had become Great Swindell and Little Swindell.

Swindale origins