Family History Notebook
Page last updated 5th August 2008

New Zealand Swindell / Swindale

Joseph Swindell emigrated to New Zealand around 1866 with 4 four of his children. His eldest son followed in 1867.  His eldest son James changed his name to Swindale at some point. Most Swindell / Swindales I have traced in New Zealand are descended from Joseph.

David Swindail emigrated in 1879 arriving 1880, his four children following the next year.

W. Evers-Swindell and A. Evers-Swindell travelled on the Rimutaka from New Zealand to London in April 1908 and returned in December 1908.

George Swindells and two of his children emigrated from England to New Zealand in 1909.

Most of the information on the pages linked here has been obtained from the internet and not by original research. I acknowledge my debt to those who have published their family data.