Family History Notebook

Daniel Butler

Son of  Daniel Butler and Mary Chatfield, born on the 30th of November 1776 in Fleet Market, St Sepulchre, London 3

Married Sarah Kelsey on the 24th of October 1799 at St Andrew's, Holborn, London


Daniel, baptised on the 26th of September 1800 at St Andrew, Holborn, London
Sarah, baptised on the 27th of August 1802 at St Andrew
William, baptised on the 3rd of July 1804 at St Sepulchre, London
Mary, baptised on the 20th of July 1806 at St Sepulchre
Sarah, baptised on the 10th of May 1807 at St Andrew
Sarah, baptised on the 28th of August 1808 at St Sepulchre
Elizabeth, baptised on the 17th of August 1810 at St Sepulchre
Charles, baptised  on the 15th of February 1813 at St Sepulchre
Henry, baptised on the 25th of July 1815 at Sepulchre

Died between 28th January and 4th April 1828 2, probably buried on the 8th of March 1828 in Bunhill Burial Grounds.


1    Will written 1822,  codicil 28th January 1828. Proved 5th April 1828. Identifies wife Sarah and children Daniel, William, Sarah, Charles, Henry.

2    When Daniel was named in his father's will in 1813 he was already in business as an undertaker in Fleet Market,  though his father was living in St Giles, Camberwell (Southwark - London south of the Thames)

3    "B. No 1709 These are to Certify,  That Daniel Butler the son of Daniel Butler Undertaker and Mary his Wife, who was Daughter of Cha Chatfield Apothecary in Cuckfield, Sussex was born in Fleet Market in the Parish of Saint Sepulcres in the City of London this Thirtieth Day of November in the Year of our Lord 1776 at whose Birth we were present.  Mary Needham

Registered at Dr. William's Library, in Redcross-street, near Cripplegate, London
July 30th 1781    J. Williams Register"

PRO Reference RG 5/8

4    A Daniel Butler was buried at Bunhill Burial Grounds on the 8th of March 1828 aged 52.

Apprenticed to his father 1791.