Family History Notebook

Mary Butler

Daughter of Daniel and Ann Butler, baptised on the 12th of October 1756 in St Sepulchre's, London

Married Robert Needham in 1773 in St Andrew, Holborn


None known

Probably before 1814


1    Daniel Butler's will mentions his son-in-law Robert Needham of Piccadilly - but no wife nor children.  A Robert Needham married a Mary Butler in 1773 and a Mary Butler, daughter of Daniel and Ann Butler was baptised in the same area in 1756. The recorded births of children of Daniel by his wife Mary commence in 1774. It therefore appears probable that Daniel married twice, first to Ann and then to Mary.

Mary Butler's will of 1828 mentions her husband's daughter Mary Needham, widow of Robert Needham

2    A member's submission in the IGI records the birth of Mary Butler to Daniel Butler and Mary Chatfield in Cuckfield on the 7th of October 1756. This is not recorded in the Cuckfield Parish Registers and Mary Chatfield would have been eight years old at the time! However the closeness of the date to Mary's baptism seems an unlikely co-incidence and could result from another source giving birth date but not mother nor location.