Family History Notebook

George Dodge
of Swyndells

Ancestry untraced. Assume born very approximately 1530. 2 Sister Ellen Dodge? Cousin Oliver Dodge.1

Married Katherine


Rauff (?born c1565)

Died April 1579


1    Information from George's will of 1579. George Dodge of Swyndells according to the inventory.

2    Allowance is made in George's will for Rauff  to have 3 years grammar school education before proceeding to Oxford University. He can then be assumed to be be about 14 in 1579. Allowing 2 years between each child and for at least one of the girls to be born before Rauff, George's marriage can dated to before 1558.

3    See also George Dodge - not the same individual - but married Joane Owldon