Family History Notebook

Lionel Gatford

Ancestry untraced but native of Sussex 1

Married Dorcas c1641 1



Died of the plague in Great Yarmouth in 1665, survived by his wife.1

Attended Jesus College, Cambridge and became a Church of England Clergyman, Rector of Dennington, Suffolk,  who supported the Royalists during the Civil War. Published a number of pamphlets - the first caused him to be arrested by Oliver Cromwell and imprisoned for 17 months. 1


1    Entry in Dictionary of National  Biography (cached).

2    There are two known Lionel Gatfords in the next generation - Lyonell Gatford, a sadler in Cuckfield, Sussex and Lionel Gatford a Clergyman in Laceby, Lincolnshire. Another Lionel Gatford was a clergyman in St Albans Cathdral, Hertfordshire (Archdeacon 1713-1715.)

Lionel Gatford (d1678) Rector Laceby 26/10/1670 - 01/03/1678 Clergy of the Church of England Database

Lionel Gatford (d1715) DD 1713-1715 died 17th or 27th September 1715.

A Monument set up by Lionel Gatford, D.D. late Rector of this Parish for his two Wives, Anne and Mary. His own Epitaph is

Vir priscâ Fide, Pietate, Amicitia, Animo Eccl. Anglicanæ devotissimo: Quem pauperes, dum in vivis, experti sunt egregiè largum fato functum, præsertim vero Coll. JESU apud Cantab. (quo quondam Alumnus gaudebat) & Filii Clericorum, Ecclesiæq; Anglican. Benefactorem, nunquam non laudabunt, munificentissimum. Obijt Spe beatæ Resurrectionis fretus xvi. Cal. Oct. A.D. MDCCXV. ætat. LXII.

A handsome vellum folio is preserved in the Library, presented by Lionel Gatford, whose son Lionel Gatford, S. T. P., formerly scholar of the College, and afterwards Archdeacon of St Alban's, and Treasurer of St Paul's, left a most munificent bequest of books to us. This volume contains a record of all the benefactors to the Library up to that time, with a catalogue of each bequest in detail, and the arms of the chief contributors in the margin, amongst which, besides Boldero and Stillington elsewhere blazoned, appear. (Jesus College, Cambridge)


"concerning ‘the Right, Power, Honour and Dignity, of Kings … and the loyalty and obedience due to them from all their Subjects" 1643

An exhortation to peace by Lionel Gatford , 1643

[Logos alexipharmakos] or, Hyperphysicall directions in time of plague by Lionel Gatford Printed by H. Hall, 1644 

A faithfull and faire warning by Lionel Gatford Printed for John Gyles ..., 1648  

A petition for the vindication of the publique use of the Book of Common-Prayer, from some foul, but undeserved aspersions lately cast upon it by Lionel Gatford Printed for John Williams, at the Crown in Saint Pauls Church-yard, 1654

Publick good without private interest, or, A compendious remonstrance of the present sad state and condition of the English colonie of Virginea by Lionel Gatford Printed for Henry Marsh, and are to be sold at the Crown ..., 1657  
To the most reverend, the arch-bishops, and bishops, the reverend deans, arch deacons, and the rest of the learned and much honoured convocation now assembled at Westminster ... by Lionel Gatford, 1661

A true and faithful narrative of the much to be lamented death of Mr. William Tyrrell and the more to be magnified preservation of Sr. John Rous of Henham, Baronet, and divers other gentlemen ... by Lionel Gatford Printed for Iames Lawson ..., 1661