Family History Notebook

William Kelsey
of Gadwick Farm

Son of John Kelsey and Sarah Uwins, baptised on the 23rd of May 1746 in Holy Trinity, Cuckfield, Sussex

Married Sall Gatford on the 12th of May 1774 at Slaugham, Sussex


William, baptised on the 27th of June 1775 at St Mary the Virgin, Buckland, Surrey
Ann, baptised on the 11th of September 1776 at Buckland
Sarah, born on the 6th of December 1778, baptised on the 20th of December 1778 at Buckland
Elizabeth, born on the 1st of March 1781, baptised on the 26th of March 1781 at Buckland
John, born on the 25th of January 1783, baptised on the 17th of February 1783 at Buckland
Mary, baptised on the 6th of July 1787 at Charlwood, Surrey
Sophia, baptised on the 15th of May 1789 at Charlwood.

Buried on the 18th of March 1830 at Charlwood, aged 85 (from Crawley)

Living in Buckland, Surrey from at least 1775 to 1783, William was a farmer at Gatwick, Surrey, in 1787 when his wife's father made his will.


Although all the children were baptised in Buckland, William, Sarah and John are all positively linked to William Kelsey of Gatwick, Charlwood. John married in Slaugham and is found in Handcross, Slaugham in the 1841 -1871 census.

Probate of the Will of this date of John Gatford of Slaugham, yeoman  SAS-WA/253  3 Jun 1787
Devise to wife Sarah for life of all houses and lands and everything belonging thereto. After her death devise to son John and his wife and heirs of house and land at Slaugham Common To daughter Sall Kelsey, wife of William Kelsey of Gadwick (sic) in Charlwood, Surrey, yeoman, and the heirs of her body of house and land at Truslers Hatch Lane in Slaugham with contingent gift over to brother of said daughter and her sister Elizabeth the wife of William Faulconer of Betsworth, Surrey, yeoman. To daughter Elizabeth Faulconer and the heirs of her body testator's house at Handcross in Slaugham
Instructions as to the disposal of Household goods and personal estate. Executors: said wife, Wm. Kelsey & Wm. Faulconer
Proved at London, 19 May, 1790

Lease  SAS-WA/292  11 Apr 1845
By Robert Wood of Lindfield, yeoman (Mortgagee) by direction of John Kelsey of Slaugham, yeoman, to John King of Slaugham, yeoman, of a messuage or dwellinghouse in 3 tenements shoemaker's shop, Smith's shop, cottage, barn, stables and three enclosures of meadow land containing together 4 acres of Handcross in Cuckfield, as then in the occupation of the said John King and of Wm. Streeter, Catherine Jupp, Henry Botting and others
Term; the life of John Kelsey and one year thereafter; yearly rent, 50
Receipt from William Kelsey and William Kelsey, jun. to 'brother' John Gatford for 100 for the land at 'Truckers Hatch'  Add Mss 17055  6 January 1796

Conveyance (Lease and Release) for 100, with covenant to levy a fine  Add Mss 17056, 17057  10, 11 August 1796

From (a) William Kelsey of Gatwick in Charlwood (co. Surr.), yeo. and William Kelsey, jun. (eldest son and heir of William Kelsey by his late wife Sall Kelsey decd., heretofore Sall Gatford, spinster, dau. of John Gatford of Slaugham, yeo., decd.), to (b) John Gatford of Slaugham, yeo., (son of said John Gatford)
Messuage, barn, hovel, orchard and close of land or meadow ground (4 a.) called Kelsey or Peacocks Meadow, near Truggers Hatch in Slaugham, now in occ. of Edward Hills, which properties were purchased by Richard Ware of Slaugham, collier, decd., and by him devised in his will to said William Kelsey and w. Sall, and the heirs of her body
Final Concord  Add Mss 17058  Easter Term 1797

John Gatford, pl. v. William Kelsey, sen., William Kelsey, jun., Charles Jackman and w. Ann, and William Mills and w. Elizabeth
Two messuages, one barn, one stable, two curtilages, two gardens, two orchards and land (5 a.) in Slaugham and Billingshurst
  • Copy (1808) lease and release by Elizabeth Harman of Reigate, widow, ...
    Title Copy (1808) lease and release by Elizabeth Harman of Reigate, widow, to Jeremiah Poppey of Charlwood and William Kelsey of Charlwood, yeoman, for 104. i) Messuage, garden, orchard and close of land (1a) in Charlwood formerly in the occupation of George Hamden the elder, then of George Hamden the younger and since of Joseph Browne; abutting N on the highway from Hunts Green to Lowfield Heath, E upon lands called Hidehurst and S and W on Lowfield Heath; held of the manor of Charlwood at a rent of 5s pa. ii) Toft on which a messuage lately stood and a land, near the former messuage and in the same occupation; abutting N, S and W on Lowfield Heath and E on Hidehurst; with all woods, underwoods and commons etc.
    Reference 842/2/25-26
    Unit Date (26-27 Sep 1806)
    Start Date 18060926
    End Date 18060927
  • Copy (1808) covenant to levy a fine between Jeremiah Poppey and Willi...
    Title Copy (1808) covenant to levy a fine between Jeremiah Poppey and William Kelsey as above and Richard Neeves of Reigate, gent.
    Reference 842/2/27
    Unit Date (20 Oct 1806)
    Start Date 18061020
    End Date 18061020

    3    There are no baptisms in the IGI for Kelsey in Slaugham 1606 - 1876 but three marriages - William 1774, John 1812 and John 1840

    A William, son of William Kelsey and Sarah or Susannah Long was baptised on the 17th of November 1754 in Swingfield, Kent. William Kelsey was the son of Henry Kelsey and Ann Hobday of W. Langdon, Kent according to an entry in the IGI.

    Possibly the son of William and Ann Kelsey, baptised on the 21st of July 1754 in Empshott, Hampshire. The names match the names of William's first two children.

    Empshott parish records give (the only Kelsey baptisms)

    1754 Jul 21 William, s. of William & Anne Kelsey #1
    1757 Aug 05 Sarah, d. of William & Anne Kelsey #1
    1759 Oct 08 Thomas, s. of William & Anne Kelsey #1
    1761 Jun 21 James, s. of William & Anne Kelsey #1
    1763 Nov 22 John, s. of William & Anne Kelsey #1

    Marriage 1746 Feb 25 Elizabeth Kelsey / William Weeks

    William Kelsey married Ann Shaver on the 29th of August 1754 in Froyle, Hampshire

    a William, son of Ruth Kelsey, was baptised in East Wellow, Hampshire on the 26th of February 1727
    A William, son of Edward Court and Elizabeth Kelsey was baptised in Sibertswold, Kent on the 1st of May 1728
    A William, son of Thomas Kelsey and Elizabeth Read was born in Steyning Sussex in 1732

    4    There is a Kelsey House 1/4 of a mile north of Balcombe on the London Road.

    5 Tenant in 1798 of land taxed at 41-2-6d in the east part of Charlwood Parish, owner John Sharp Esq.