Family History Notebook

Ann Florence (Flo) Larkins

Daughter of Jeremiah Larkins and Ann Catherine Holmes, born on the 21st of January 1877 at Holborn Viaduct, London, baptised on the 9th of February 1877 at St Andrew's, Holborn

Married Hoddesdon Abraham Tearoe Belsey  on the 20th of October 1909 at St Paul, Lorrimer Square, Southwark


Betty, born 1911
William J.T., born 1914

Died February 1961


"Betty found amongst Aunt Flo's possessions a box about 12" high, line with (?) lead about 1/2" thick, with a lid but not lockable. Presumably intended as a precaution against fire.

In this box were
    1    Copy of baptismal certificate of Jeremiah Larkins
    2    Copy of marriage certificate of Jeremiah Larkins
    3    A Notebook entitled "Births and Deaths"
    4    A sheet of paper entitled "J. Larkins, register of Births 1891"

Copies of these are set out on the following pages" (See JAS Red Book)