Family History Notebook

Elizabeth Ann Larkins

Daughter of Jeremiah Larkins and Ann Catherine Holmes, born on the 28th of May 1862 at Clerkenwell, baptised on the 7th of November 1864 at St Pancras Parish Church, Camden

Married John King Isaac at All Souls, Newington, on the 29th of January 1887, (died 1898)


John King, born 18878, baptised on the 29th of January 1888 at St Jude's, Southwark
Annie Elizabeth, born on the 13th of June 1889, baptised on the 5th of July 1889 at St James, Clerkenwell
Walter Henry, born 1890
George Francis, born 18932, Camberwell
Dorothy Mabel, born 18952, Ilford, Essex
Charles Frederick, born 18972, Ilford
Elizabeth, born 1898, Ilford

Married John (Jack) Jasper in 1901 4


Nellie Louise (step daughter), born 1894/5 in Walworth, London
Edith Gertude (step daughter), born 1895/6 in Walworth, London
Alice (step daughter)
Mabel Constance, born 1902/3 in Brockley, London
Arthur Cecil, born 1903/4 in Brockley, London

Died 1920?


1    The birth of John King Isaac was registered in the first quarter on 1862 in St George, Southwark  (FreeBMD 1d**5)
The death of John King Isaac aged 36 was registered in the second quarter of 1898 in West Ham, Essex (FreeeBMD 4a 09)

The birth of a John King Isaac was registered in the fourth quarter of 1887 in the district of St Saviour (FreeBMD 1d 186)

2    1891 census living at Newington.
1901 census Living with her father and George, Dorothy and Charles. John and Walter are at Norman House School, Middle Lane, Hornsey, Middlesex. Elizabeth is presumably with Charles Larkins.

3    If Walter Henry is five months old at the time of the 1891 census, he must have been born November or December 1890. However the birth of a Walter Henry Isaac was registered in the second quarter of 1891 at St Saviour (FreeBMD 1d 121)

4    Witness at her son George Francis's marriage in 1918.

4    The marriage of John Jasper was registered in third quarter of 1901 in Southwark (FreeBMD 1d 169). The marriage of Elizabeth Ann Isaacs is listed on the same page.  John King Isaac's marriage in 1912 was witnessed by E.A. Jasper.

5    The death of an Elizabeth A Jasper aged 57 was registered in the first quarter of 1920 in Lewisham (1d 1359)

6 JAS Loose sheet of notes:-
No surviving children. Eldest & youngest sons killed just after the Amistice 1918. (Walter ? oldest) Youngest son was twin of 'Little Lizzie' who died c. 1970 (her husband is still alive) Nancy and Dolly have died.

7    According to Margaret Swindale 2010, John King Isaacs worked for the post office but dropped down dead at work. Two children {John, Walter or Nancy, Dolly?} were sent to boarding school belonging to post office.

JAS Red Book
"Born at Clerkenwell 28th May 1862.
? Died of pneumonia.
The eldest and the youngest sons were killed in the 14-18 war.
"Auntie Lizzie" married first                     Isaacs.
    Walter Isaacs was Auntie Lizzie's second son.
    His first wife died. He married again, and lived for a time with us at 2 Morna Road.
Auntie Lizzie married secondly Jack Jasper. (Betty has photos showing him as a well set up man with a fine moustache.) Jack Jasper and Lizzie lived in a big house in Lewisham. Jack Jasper had a daughter Alice by his first wife. In addition to their respective children by their first marriages, Jack and Lizzie had two children by their (second) marriage, Mabel and Arthur".

A Walter Henry Isaac was registered in St Saviour Q2 1891 (FreeBMD 1d 121)
A Walter Isaac was registered in Wandsworth Q4 1898 (FreeBMD 1d 559)

"Little Lizzie" was the daughter of Auntie Lizzie, Mother's eldest sister. Lizzie ("little Lizzie") and Walter were twins, the youngest of the family. Walter died in the 14-18 War.
 "Little Lizzie" and Dolly lived at Catford. Boys (? Lizzie's) went to Brownhill Rd. School. Little Lizzie died about age 60, perhaps suicide, about 1970. Her husband may be still alive (1977). Nancy and Dolly died.

8    Information from Elaine Parker (April 2012) to whom I am grateful for correction of some of the family 'legends' above.

9    1911 census - living at 45, Thornford Road, Lewisham.