Family History Notebook

Hoddesdon Abraham Tearoe Belsey

Son of John and Victoria Belsey, born 1873 in Hoddesdon, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire

Married Ann Florence Larkins on the 20th of October 1909 at St Paul, Lorrimer Square, Southwark


Betty, born 1911
William J.T., born 1914

Died 1949 in Lambeth

A Provisions Storehouseman in 1901. Assurance agent when he signed up in 1918 to the Royal Army Medical Corps. Address at the time was 7 Harmsworth Street, Kennington Park Rd.

"Uncle Tearoe


Birth registered in the 4th quarter of 1873 in Ware, Hertfordshire (FreeBMD 3a 258)

Marriage registered in the fourth quarter of 1909 in Southwark (FreeBMD 1d 230)

Royal Army Medical Corp

The birth of a  George Tearoe Belsey was registered in Ely in the first quarter of 1883 and his marriage in the 3rd quarter on 1905 at Lambeth - son of William Abraham Tearoe Belsey, Hoddesdon's uncle

The death of  Hoddesden A. T. Belsey was registered in the third quarter of 1949 in Lambeth, London (5c 963)

1881 census , 1891 census, 1901 census

"Uncle Tearoe

His full name, which he disliked revealing, was Hoddesdon Abraham Tearoe Belsey.

The name Hoddesdon was given to him because his parents happened to be in Hoddesdon (NE of London) when he was born.

Tearoe's father was a manufacturer of glass letters - the sort that were stuck on shop windows. He lived and worked near Kennington Oval.

Tearoe was in the RAMC for a year or two about 1917-18. Betty has a photo of him and four or five friends in uniform, taken at Oswestry. One of these friends was a Mr Douglas who kept in touch after they were demobilised, and cameto see them [at Harmsworthy St?] from time to time.

Betty was in hospital with scarlet fever [? when Tearoe was demobbed - but perhaps not at that particular time]

Tearoe was in the choir of Christ Church, Newgate St., for 25 years or more. He was also choirmaster of St Paul's, Lorrimer Square, and managed to do both.
(His full-time job was in insurance.)

He went to the City for the Christ Church services by bus, and sometimes travelled with Stanley Marchant, later Sir Stanley, who happened to live on the same bus route. Some of the choristers wre in a special choir [? for St Paul's Cathedral]

Christ Church, Newgate St., was the church of Christ's Hospital, the Bluecoat School, which was founded in the old Franciscan Convent which stood there. It was destroyed by enemy bombing in 1941 and is now totally demolished. Betty has several pictures of Christ Church, and a Christmas Card from the Vicar during the period when Tearoe was in the choir.

John Swindale c 1983"

The birth of a  Florence E. Belsey was registered in the second quarter of 1911 in Southwark (FreeBMD 1d 113). A Gladys E. Belsey was registered in Bromley in the same quarter. (FreeBMD 2a 550)

"Tearoe liked playing patience." (Betty 2012).