Family History Notebook

John Larkins

Son of  John Larkins and Mary Ryan, born 1827/8 in Surrey 1

Married ?





1     1841 census

2    The death of a  John Larkins aged 43 was registered in the fourth quarter of 1873 in Lambeth (FreeBMD 1d 248). This is probably the John Larkins married to Rebecca  in the 1871 census. There are a number of registered deaths  for name of John Larkin including in the fourth quarter of 1857 in the district of St Olave, south (FreeBMD 1d 2?) and the second quarter of 1860 in Lambeth (FreeBMD 1d 209) but I would have expected to find these in the census if they were the right age.

3    A John Larkins, coachsmith, aged 27 emigrated to NSW, Australia  aboard 'The Exodus' arriving 26/27 th July 1855 - but from Dublin!

4    Probably baptised at the Catholic Cathedral of St George, Southwark, like his brother Jeremiah.

5    No good matches found cin after 1841.