Family History Notebook

Thomas Ernest Larkins

Son of  Thomas David Larkins and Gertude Alice (Lizzie) Cleggett, born on the 14th of October 1895 at 27 Delverton Road, Manor Place, Tower Hamlets, baptised on the 1st of December 1895 at St Peter, Walworth



Basil Edgar, born 1923, died in infancy
Thomas Desmond, born 1925 (died 1990)

Died 1971


1    Date of birth from death certificate. The birth of Thomas David Larkins was registered in the fourth quarter of 1895 in the district of St Saviour, London (FreeBMD 1d 167)

2    My Grandfather was Thomas Ernest Larkins born 1894 (uncle Tom in your pages). He had two sons both born in Lucknow India. The first Basil Edgar (born 1923) died only a few months old and is buried in the Christian cemetery in Lucknow. The grave is still tended and is in quite good shape considering the passage of time. I visited the grave two years ago.

The second son was my father Thomas Desmond Larkins (Des) (born 1925) . He first married my mother Margaret in 1947 and they had two sons. me and my younger brother Richard James Larkins. Later after my parents were divorced my father Married Sheila Martin. They emigrated to the West Indies in 1967 and lived and worked there until ill health forced him to retire early. He returned to live in Cornwall until his death in 1990.