Family History Notebook

John Orde
of Brokenhugh and Barker House

Son of John Ord and Barbara, born before or about 1630? 1

Married Margaret Stokoe of Townend on 19 Dec 1662 in Haydon Bridge.


 Mary, baptised 9 May 1663 in Haydon Bridge, from Broken
 Barbara, baptised 29th January 1664/5 in Haydon Bridge from Brokenhugh7
John (born c.1665?)

Buried 19th September 1683 in Hexham

The proprietor of Barker House in 1663 was John Ord
Another? John Ord owned Litterage and a share in Whitehall both in the High Quarter of Hexham(shire) at that time.
Further information - Hodgson's pedigree of the Ords of Ardley and Barker-house


1    This John Ord, the grandson of William Ord and the second son of John Ord, received Barker House from his father (who had bought it in 1639) by deed of gift on 1st January 1650. Since the property is unlikely to have been transferred when the son was a child, it implies that John Ord was born around 1630 - 1635. He could not have been born much earlier since George, his great grandfather, was married in 1589 and John is the second son.

Hodgson is undecided whether the John Ord who died in 1719 (the father of John, Abraham, Eleanor, Margaret, Rebecca, Mary) is this John Ord or his son. Such a son could have been born 1650 - 1660 and hence have married 1670 - 1680. This would be consistent with the apparent ages of the children deduced from their marriages and the fact that Margaret, Rebecca and Mary were minors in 1702.. On the other hand the John Ord who died in 1719 was married (first) to a Margaret (the mother of these children). A John Orde married a Margaret Stokoe in Haydon Bridge in 1662. If these two Margarets are the same then this John Ord is the John Orde who died in 1719 and his wife Margaret was childbearing from 1662 to approx 1682  - again quite possible. Further checks in the registers rather than the IGI may resolve the situation.

Note 6 firmly supports the burial of John Ord on 1683 as referring to this John Ord and thus resolves the issue

2    It is implicit from Hodgson's pedigree of the Ords that Thomas and Catherine were not mentioned in John Ord's will. Is this because Catherine was already married and thus off her father's hands and Thomas's marriage was not approved (hence taken place in Scotland) ?

3    Abraham Ord was a minor at the time of his marriage in 1698 and hence was born about 1680

4    There is a White Hall 4 km south of Barker House and a Litharge ˝km north of it

5    According to Hexham Register according to Hodgson

6    Richard and his brother John joined the early Baptist church - they were baptized into the church on the 21st day of the 5th month (May? August?) 1652. See extract from Hexham Baptist records. "In 1674 the  the branch of the church under the care of Mr Ord numbered thirteen members ...... Mr Ord is supposed to have died in or about 1682." (Baptist Reporter and Missionary Intelligencer Vol V 1848 p181). This fits with the burial  recorded for John Ord on 19th September 1683.

7    There is a user submitted genealogy for descendants of Barbara Orde on Family Search.