Family History Notebook

Susannah Swindale

Daughter of George Swindale, Esq of Ashby-de-la-Zouche, Leicestershire, baptised on the 28th of May 1637 at Breedon on the Hill, Leicestershire

Married Thomas Abney of Measham Hall (second wife) on the 3rd of June 1662 at Ashby-de-la-Zouche


Robert, born 1672. Married Mary Webb


1    The ancestry and descent of Robert Abney is traced from 1318 to the early nineteenth century in "Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland Vol 1" commencing on page 572 and in which the marriage to Susannah, daughter of George Swindale, Esq., is mentioned. This reference is viewable on the website in the 'International and Passenger Records" section.

Thomas Abney, esq. settled in London, and became eventually heir of his brother. He wedded first, Anne, daughter of George Ullock, esq. of Measham, in the conty of Derby, and had a son, Thomas. He espoused secondly, Susannah, daughter of George Swindale, esq. of Ashby-de-la-Zouche, and had, with other issue, a son.


  • ID: I37796
  • Name: John (Lord of Willesley) Abney
  • Sex: M
  • Death: 1 DEC 1505
  • Burial: Willesley Chapel
  • Note:

    From R. Robert Abney Jr. Centralized Abney Archives

    I will give you a brief sketch of the ABNEY-SANDYS family.

    1. John ABNEY, Lord of Willesley (d.01 Dec 1505) m. Mary (both bur. in Willesley Chapel, Co. Derby)
    2. George ABNEY, Lord of Willesley (d.01 Mar 1578) m. Ellen WOLSELEY (d.03 Dec 1571) (both bur. Willesley Chapel)
    3. Robert ABNEY of Newton-Burguland (will prob.1602 Co. Leic.). He was a legatee of his father. m1. Autheria HOWE
    4. Thomas ABNEY of Newton-Burguland (bapt.18 Aug 1585; [ca.1648]) m. Anne SMITH
    5. Thomas ABNEY of London (bapt.10 Jul 1632; bur.29 May 1714) m2. Susanna SWINDALE of Ashby-de-la-Zouche
    6. Robert ABNEY of London (bapt. 01 Mar 1672; bur.26 Apr 1785) m. Mary WEBB of Hamstal-Ridware
    7. William ABNEY (b.25 Nov 1713; bapt. 29 Dec 1713; purchased Mesham; d. 1800 Mesham Field) m. Catherine WOOTTON
    8. Edward ABNEY of Mesham (b.1751; d.1827) - (of whom see next entry)
    Edward ABNEY of Mesham m1. Mary SHARP of Leicester (she was bur. 23 Aug 1776) & had issue:
    1. Catharina-Martha ABNEY (bur.03 Sep 1776, died in infancy). Apparently, Mary died in childbirth, and the infant a couple of weeks later.
    Edward ABNEY of Measham m2. Hephzibah NEED (daughter of Lt. Gen. Samuel NEED, Esq. of Fountain Dale, Nottingham & had issue:
    2. Capt. William Wootton ABNEY, Royal Reg. of the Horse Guards (d.18 May 1822) (of whom more below)
    3. Elizabeth ABNEY of whom nothing further
    4. Edward ABNEY m. Ellen Rose HOLDEN of Wednesbury & had issue.
    Capt. William Wootton ABNEY m. Elizabeth RICHARDSON of Fulford House, Co. York & had issue:
    1. William Wootton ABNEY of Mesham Hall, Co. Derby
    2. Rev. Edward Henry ABNEY of the Firs, Co. Derby (of whom more later)
    3. Catherine Elizabeth ABNEY (d.12 Jan 1887) m. Rev. William Travis SANDYS of Graythwaite & had issue:
    ˇ Maj. Edwin William SANDYS
    ˇ Capt. Henry Stair SANDYS m. Frances Beatrix (Beatrice) ABNEY (below)
    ˇ Richard SANDYS
    ˇ Maj. Arthur Abney SANDYS
    ˇ Walter Del SANDYS
    ˇ Alberda Elizabeth SANDYS
    ˇ Catherine Margaret SANDYS
    ˇ Harriett Isabel SANDYS
    ˇ Frances Anne SANDYS
    Rev. Edward Henry ABNEY of the Firs, Co. Derby (22 Sep 1811-13 May 1892) m.31 Jan 1833 to Katherine STRUTT & had issue:
    1. Henry Wootton ABNEY
    2. Helen Elizabeth ABNEY
    3. Mary Catherine ABNEY
    4. Sir William de Wiveleslie ABNEY, KCB (a specialist in the chemistry of photography. In 1880 he discovered the photographic develloping properties of hydroquinone.
    5. Frances Beatrix ABNEY m. Capt. Henry Stair SANDYS (above)
    6. Charles Edward ABNEY
    7. Florence Susan Grace ABNEY
    A note on Charles Edward ABNEY (s/o Rev. ABNEY & Katherine STRUTT): He was the grandfather of the actor, William Edward Charles Wootton ABNEY who appeared in movies (most notably "Curse of the Pink Panther" *1983) and stage theater. William claimed (and I believe his assertion) to be the last male English-born ABNEY. The saddest part is he left no issue. With his decease, so ends the legacy of the ABNEY family, once so prominent in England.
    The genealogy of the name ABNEY is as follows:
    d'Aubigné, d'Aubigney, d'Abeney & de Abeney, d'Abney & de Abney, d'Albini, de Albini, & Albini (also: Abner, Abnee, Abna, & Dabney)