Family History Notebook

Joseph Swindale

Ancestry untraced1 - assumed born very approximately 1725

Married Mary 3


Phebe, baptised on the 21st of January 1748/9 at St Helen, Little Cawthorpe, Lincolnshire
Mary, baptised on the 1st of April 1753 at Welton le Wold, Lincolnshire
Joseph, baptised on the 13th of June 1756 at Welton le Wold, Lincolnshire (d1756)

? Married Frances Graves, widow, on the 5th of October 1788 in Louth 4

Died 1788 - 1798 5

A weaver?2

Person ID 00246


1    There was a Joseph, son of Thomas and Phebe Swinden baptised on the 6th of July 1715 in Legbourne.

2    Joseph Swindale of Wetton Lincoln weaver received duty for Apprenticeship Indentures 30th June 1760 in regard to Will Pallison Ancestry. Cannot locate Wetton (clear in the original) - is this an error for Welton? Plain Welton is 6 miles north of Lincoln but it seems probably that this entry refers to this Joseph.

3    Mary, the wife of Joseph Swindale, was buried on the 14th of April 1768 in Louth. This implies that Joseph did not die until later.

4    There are no other known Joseph Swindales in this area at this time.

5    Frances was buried, a widow, on the 27th of March 1798 in Louth. Thus Joseph must have died between 1788 and 1798