Family History Notebook

David Swindler

Son of Henry Swindler and Mary Clayton, born c. 1763 in Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey

Married Catherine Smalley in 1786 in Monongalia, Virginia



Died 1830 in Preston, Virginia

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All information from John Thomas Rodgers family tree on Ancestry

Grandson of Henry Swindler/Swingler born c.1699 in England, died 25th of January 1724 in Middletown, Monmouth, New Jersey aged 25. His son used Swinler or Swingler to 1765.

"David Swindler first appears on the Loudoun County, Virginia, TitheLists in 1779, with Henry Swindler. As males in Virginia did not appear on the Tithing Lists until they reached the age of sixteen, we
may assume that David was born about 1763 while his parents were still
residents of Middlesex County, New Jersey.1 In the tithing lists for
1786 David is listed as living away from his father, although he
stayed in the same county.2 On 13 November 1786, David and his wife
Catherine sued Stanford and Jacob Remy for a debt.3 On 10 August 1787,
David instituted a lawsuit against Wm. Turner and Thos. Beaty for
payment of a debt.4 In 1787, David began being taxed by the State of
Virginia for personal property. He remained on the personal property
tax lists for Loudoun County until 1799. From 1790 to 1799 David was
listed as a constable on the tax lists.5 From 1793 until he left
Loudoun in 1807, David was a member of the 57th Regiment of the
Virginia Militia. On 16 April 1788, David Swindler and Catherine his
wife, the late Catherine Smalley, sued James Graham and Edward
Burgess.6 David leased 112 3/4 acres, on 2 May 1794, from John Brown.7
David was sued by Israel Lacey for debt, on 9 June 1794.8 And on 6
March 1795, David sold: his household goods, farm animals and
equipment to Israel Lacey.9 On 12 September 1796, David sold his 112
3/4 acre lease to John Holding Jr.10 From 1790 to 1799, David was
listed in the Land Tax Lists for Loudoun County, Virginia as a tenant
of Jo Horton on 100 acres. From 1800 to 1804, David paid taxes for 100
acres, but not as a tenant. In 1805, David's land increased to 200
acres, but the next year, 1806, it was back to 100 acres. In 1807,
David no longer is on the land tax records for Loudoun County.11
David was on the personal property tax lists for Monongalia County,
Virginia, for the years, 1800 to 1822. (We stopped tracing him after
1822.)12 On 13 August 1802 David posted a surety bond for William
Deaver and Phoebe Sparks in Monongalia County, Virginia.13 In the
original court record in Augusta County, Virginia, dated 10 July 1807
there is a record of the estate of Ezekiel Smalley, who died
intestate in 1800, in it Catherine (married Swingler) Smalley, is
listed as one of Ezekiel's heirs.14 On 28 December 1808, David signed
the marriage bond of Clayton Swindler to Lucy Haskinson.15 The first
U.S. Census record we found on David and his family was for 1810, it
places them in Monongalia County, Virginia. There was 1 male over 45
years old, 5 males 10 to 16 years old and one male under 10 years old.
There was one female 26 to 44 years old and one female under 10 years
old. On 13 October 1810, David signed the marriage bond of Drake
Swindler to Hannah Soverns, daughter of Joseph Soverns.16 During the
War of 1812, David served as a Private, between May and August 1814,
in a company raised by Captain James Hurry in Monongalia and Brooke
Counties, Virginia.17 David was sued for $37.50 plus interest from 12
November 1812 until the debt is paid, by Thomas Doolittle, on 13 April
1813.18 During the May 1814 term of the Monongalia County Court there
was a suit over debt filed against William Price by Drake Swindler,
who was the assignee of David Swindler, who was the assignee of
Francis Billingsley, who was the assignee of Hosea Britton, who was
the assignee of John S. Roberts who was the plaintiff, it seems that
debts were paid by exchanging IOUs rather than by exchanging banknotes
or specie.19 In May 1815, David and Clayton Swindler were sued by
George Greenwood over a forthcoming bond.20 In the 1820 U.S. Census
for Monongalia County, Virginia, the David Swindler household had: 1
male over 45 years old, 2 males 18 to 26 years old and 1 male 16 to 18
years old. There was only on female listed and she was over 45 years
old. On 28 August 1823, David and Catherine sold to their son Henry
property that Catherine had inherited from the estate of her father,
Ezekiel Smalley, in Wood County, Virginia.21 David and his wife are
listed as residents of Preston County, Virginia, in the 1830 U.S.
Census. He is between 60 and 70 years old and she is between 70 and 80
years old. (Note: David and Catherine did not move between 1820 and
1830. Preston County was formed from Monongalia County.)
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