Family History Notebook

 Ann Robson

Daughter of Lancelot Robson and Dorothy Oliver, baptised on 11th of December 1811 at St John Lee, Northumberland

Married Robert Swindale at Hexham 23 April 1833 2


Jane, baptised on the 5th of June 1833 in Warden, Northumberland from Walwick Grange, Northumberland
William, baptised on the 25th of September 1836  from Walwick, Northumberland
Lancelot born 1839 Seaton Deleval
Robert born 1843 Earsdon
Henry born 1845 Earsdon
?John born 1847

Died before the 1851 census 30th March 1851 2

Was staying with Robert Robson in Acomb at the time of the  1841 census. She had Lancelot with her but not William.

No further information


1    Ann Robson is identified as the daughter of Lancelot and Dorothy on the basis of her age at the time of the 1841 census and the name, Lancelot, of her second son.

2    Robert re-married in 1852

3    E-mail received from Daphne Hughes 31/10/05 - married to a descendant of Robert and Ann