Family History Notebook

Anne Swindale

Daughter of Joseph Swindale and Mary Watson, born on the 20th March 1841 in West Allendale, Cumberland 1

Married Robert Clarke on the 12th of April 1862 at St John's, Newcastle

Married Thomas Hutchinson from Arkengarthdale, Yorkshire  on the 13th of February 1866 at Trinity Church, Darlington


Mary Elizabeth, baptised on the 10th of April 1867 at Holy Trinity in Darlington, County Durham
John Joseph, born April 8th, baptised on the 10th of April 1868 at Holy Trinity in Darlington, County Durham (died 15th January 18907)
William, born c. 1869 in Millom, Cumberland 1
George T., born c. 1871 in Millom, Cumberland 1
Alfred F., born c. 1872 in Millom, Cumberland 1
Edward, born c. 1874 in Millom, Cumberland 1,8
Amelia Annie, born c. 1876 in Millom, Cumberland 1
Frances Alice, born c.1878 in Millom, Cumberland 1
Ethel Maud, born c. 1880 in Millom, Cumberland 1

Thomas and Anne moved from Darlington to Millom around 1868 or 1869 and were living at Cross Farm, Millom in 1871. In 1881 they were living in Steel Green Terrace, Millom. By 1891 they had moved into Rock House (which had been built as the Hodbarrow Mining Company offices?).

Died 27 March 1915 aged 744 at Topcliffe, Nr Thirsk, N. Yorks


1    Information from 1881 census and 1891 census

2    Information from Joan Shrewsbury

 "{After their mother Mary's death in 1859}Ann looked after the family until Stephen and her father, Joseph, both died in 1869, and Ann married Thomas Hutchinson from Arkengarthdale.

They all went to live in Millom, in Cumberland where the mines had opened and were employing men from many different parts of the British Isles. Thomas became the time-keeper in the mines and he and Ann lived with their growing family at Cross farm for a while before they moved to Rock House, Hodbarrow, which was quite an impressive building, built, strangely enough, above the storage place for the explosives used in the mines!".

When Joan wrote this she did not know of Joseph's second marriage in 1865.

3    When Anne married Thomas she was living at Witton-le-Wear. Thomas and Anne went to live in Darlington before the death of Anne's father but possibly after his re-marriage. Thomas obtained a job in the iron works. John Hutchinson lived in Zetland Street, next to Lansdowne Street where Thomas found a house, so they may be relatives and John may have advised Thomas of opportunities in Darlington.

4    Memorial at St George's, Millom.

5    Arkengarthdale was another lead-mining area.













7    Edward became a school teacher. He  married Ellen Lawrence, also from Millom, and they raised eleven children in Faversham, Kent. E-mail from Gill Wilson.

8    Joseph, when he registered the birth, gave his residence as Blackcleugh. By the time of the census at the beginning of June, he was living at Moscow (in Dryderdale)

9    Death certificate in possession of Gill Wilson

10    The death of a  Robert Clarke was registered in Wolsingham Walsingham!according to Gill Wilson