Family History Notebook

Barbara Potts

Ancestry unknown1

Married John Swindell on the 11th of June 1753 at Ryton, County Durham


    William, buried 5 April 1753 in Ryton, County Durham
    Jane baptised 5 May 1754 in Ryton, County Durham
    George, buried 21 April 1755 in Ryton, County Durham
    Mary baptised 9 May 1756 in Ryton, County Durham
    John, buried 2 Jun 1758 in Ryton, County Durham
    Thomas baptised 17 February 1760 in Ryton, County Durham
    Barbary baptised 24October 1762 in Ryton, County Durham, buried 1764
    Elizabeth baptised 1 November 1767 in Ryton, County Durham
    John baptised 25 August 1771 in Chester-le-Street, County Durham ? see note below

Buried 28 November 1794 in Chester-le Street


1    The IGI lists three Barbara Potts born in the appropriate period

Barbara Potts, baptised 21st October 1728 at Longbenton, Northumberland, daughter of John Potts

Barbary Potts, baptised 21st July 1729 at Simonburn, Northumberland, daughter of Edward Potts

Barbara Potts, baptised 28th January 1732 at Longbenton, Northumberland, daughter of John Potts

The Potts family were also long established in Ryton.