Family History Notebook

Barbara Swindle

Daughter of George Swindle and Margaret Whitfield, baptised 4th February 1835 at Carrshield, baptised 12th April 1835  in Ninebanks, Northumberland

Emigrated to Canada as an orphaned child

Thomas Chambers
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Married Thomas Chambers, born Orkney Islands, Scotland 1,2 on the 18th of March 1861 in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada 3


Rufus, born 1859
Sarah, born 1864 (Married Mr Brown in Toronto?)
Edward Vincent, born Dalton Township, Ontario, Canada August 18, 1866. (He married Rhoda Waterbury Eastman Oct. 8, 1890. They had 8 children, all of whom survived.1)
Olive or Annie, born 1869 (Married George Price)
Alfred, born 1870 (married Lottie, died shortly after 1960 in Vancouver)

Died 5th January 1904 Waubaushene, Ontario, Canada


Barbara Swindle


Barbara would only have been 6 years old when orphaned by the death of her mother. Her two sisters were even younger and her brother William two years older. Their mother's family had emigrated to Canada in 1831 or 1832. It seems that somehow the children were taken to Canada to join them between 1841 and 1851.

William Swindell, Barbara and Sarah emigrated from Liverpool in 1845 arriving in New York on the 22nd of May 1845. William's age is given as 22 and his occupation as Farmer - probably a clerical error for 12. Adjacent n the list are John Whitfield, 23, Farmer, and his wife Mary, 20.

Not found in 1851 or 1861  Canadian census

Two letters survive from her uncle Thomas Whitfield back to Allendale. One of them mentions 'Barbara Swindle and her family is in the country, she has four children' ... 'Sarah and family is in Port Hope and has six children'.


1    E-mail received from her great-grandson, Ron Chambers, who also supplied the photographs.

2    Son of Edward Chambers. Edward Chambers, Barbara's father-in-law's father, stuck out Canada's sub-arctic with the Hudson's Bay Company for ten years before returning to the Orkney Islands. Thomas, Barbara's husband, was born there in 1831. Between 1839 & 1843 old Edward returned the family to Canada - Thomas would have been 8 to 12 years old. The ended up in Hope Township before purchasing a farm in South Monaghan Township in 1850 +/-. Thomas was now 19 yrs. South Monaghan is approximately 15-16 miles due north of Port Hope where Barbara's Whitfield relatives were established, so putting two & two together we might have four in terms of their meeting & marrying. I (Ron Chambers) do not have a wedding date.

The next we hear of the now married Thomas & Barbara is 1866 when Edward Vincent Chambers was born in Dalton Township Victoria County which is about 70 miles north & west of Port Hope as the crow flies. Perhaps twice that distance by road. In 1883 they were living in Kincardine which is way west over on the shores of Lake Huron, over 100 crow miles from where they were in 1866. The family then shows up in the 1881 Ontario Census in Orillia which is almost 100 miles back east, close to Dalton Twp. These distances are just a Sunday drive to us these days but back then given it was horse & buggy on marginal roads - a significant undertaking.  E-mail received from her great-grandson, Ron Chambers

3    Lois Chambers via Ron Chambers 9 Jan 20003