Family History Notebook

Craig Swindle

Son of Francis Swindal and Margaret Craige, born 28th March 1815 in Bochim, Allendale,
          baptised 9th October 1818 in Congregational Church of Alston and Redwing, Garrigill, Northumberland3

At the time of the 1841 census a lead miner at Nenthead but by the  1851 census was a lead ore smelter lodging in Allendale Town at Lonkley Cottage

Married Hannah Laing 1 on 11th June 1853 in Allendale, Northumberland (Registered at Hexham)


Elizabeth Mary, baptised 9th May 1854 in Allendale, Northumberland
Margaret, baptised 4th January 1858 in Allendale, Northumberland4 (born 1856/7?)
Francis, baptised 24th June 1858 in Allendale, Northumberland

Still living at Lonkley Head at the time of the 1861 census. His wife Hannah had died in 1858 and his youngest child, Francis,  was being looked after by Craig's sister Margaret Proud, while his widowed sister Susannah lived with him, presumably keeping house for him and the two older children.

Buried on the 9th of December 1876 in Allendale 2
Died 7th December 1876 at Allendale Town, aged 61


1    Born 1821/2, baptised 1 Aug 1824, died  on 7th July 1858 at Lonkley Head, aged 36 buried 9th of July 1858 in Allendale (Registered at Hexham) 2

2    Information from Norman Swindle

3    Craig's age is given as 22 in the 1841 census, tying in with his baptism rather than his birth.

4    Although Margaret was baptised in January 1858, she was certainly born earlier since her brother Francis was baptised in June 1858. Since she gave her age as 26 when she was married, it is likely she was born in 1855 and not baptised till 1858. The 1861 census would suggest a year later in 1856.