Family History Notebook

Diana Swindle

Daughter of  Thomas Swindle and Sarah Lattimer, born on the January2 1880 in Nenthead1, Cumberland, England

Married Charles Roy Tinkess on the 29th of July 1926 in York, Ontario 1

Person ID 01465


1881 census    Living with her parents in England
Emigrated with her parents to Canada in 1882
1891a, b  With her father Thomas, a farmer at Orillia, Ontario, Canada
1901    Not with her father. Not found.
1911    Deana Swindle. in East Simcoe. Gives her date of birth as January 1882 and age as 29. She is working as a saleswoman.

1926    Still a saleswoman at the time of her marriage.

The birth of  Diana Swindle was registered in the first quarter of 1880 in the Alston district (FreeBMD 10b 402)

Emigrated to Canada with her parents - see Thomas Swindle

1    Marriage register

2    1911 census