Family History Notebook

Dorothy Robson

Ancestry unknown but, if the identification at death below is correct, was born about 1788

 Married John Swindle on 20th May 1813 in St John Lee, Northumberland


Thomas baptised on 1 May 1814 in Hexham, Northumberland
Margaret baptised on 7 January 1816 in Hexham, Northumberland
Rebecca, baptised on the 26th of April 1818 in Warden, Northumberland

Possibly the Dorothy Swindle of Whittle who was buried in Ovingham in 1822 aged 34. If so possibly the Dorothy Robson, daughter of Robert and Margaret Robson baptised 15 June 1788 in Ovingham or the Dorothy Robson, daughter of John Robson and Sarah Middleton, baptised 22 Jun (or Jan) 1788, or the Dorothy Robson, baptised 16 Nov 1788 in Newburn ..... there are lots of Dorothy Robsons!

PersonID 105318

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