Family History Notebook

Elizabeth Ann / Ann Elizabeth Swindle

Daughter of John Swindle and Ann Elizabeth Watson, born 1854 in the Durham district, England

Married Charles Frederick Wilson in 1872 in Daylesford, Victoria


Ann Elizabeth, died 1874
John Charles
Charles Frederick
Alice Louisa
William John James
Myrtle Lilian

Died on the 2nd of October 1840

PersonID 02306


1    In family party of John and Ann Swindle who emigrated to Australia in 1857, when Elizabeth was aged "12". a

Possibly the daughter of John and Ann but would have been born before their marriage and is not mentioned in the 1851 census. There is no birth registration for an Elizabeth Ann around 1845. The birth of an Elizabeth Swindle was registered in the Hexham area in the third quarter of 1845.

However if Elizabeth was the illegitimate daughter of Ann Swindle née Watson then she would have been registered as Watson

It is possible that Elizabeth Ann was 12 months old, not 12 years old, but there is no matching birth registration for this either (ie in 1856 in the NE England region). However see #b - Elizabeth was 2 years old!

2    Shown to be daughter of John and Anne born c1854 by death index of 1940. Also letter to her uncle George in America.


a)    Information supplied by Wendy Swingle in an e-mail.

b)    The birth of Elizabeth Swindle was registered in the fourth quarter of 1854 in the Durham district (FreeBMD 10a 195)

c)    Australia Marriage Index 1788 - 1950

Name: Ann Elizabeth Swindle
Spouse Name: Charles Wilson
Marriage Place: Victoria
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Year: 1872

d)    Australia Death Index 1787 - 1985

Name: Ann Elizabeth Wilson (daughter)
Death Place: Victoria
Father's name: Charles Frederi
Mother's name: Ann Elizabeth Swindle
Registration Year: 1874
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Number: 15238

Name: Ann Elizth Wilson
Birth Year: abt 1854
Age: 86
Death Place: Lgatha, Victoria
Father's name: John Swindell
Mother's name: Annie Elizth Watson
Registration Year: 1940
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Number: 21759