Family History Notebook

Elizabeth (Mary)1 Swindle

Daughter of Craig Swindle and Hannah Laing,  baptised 9th May 1854 in Allendale, Northumberland

In 1871 Elizabeth was working for Lancelot Robson at Paddock, outside Allendale Town. In 1881, an Elizabeth Swindle, born in Allendale, aged 242, unmarried, is working as a servant for John Lee at High House, Waterhead, Cumberland.


Jane Ann Swindle born on the 7th of August 1875 at Walk Mill, Allendale

In 1891 Elizabeth is working as a cook for the Garney family at Rodsley House, Gateshead, from where she marries.

Married John Robinson, a miner, on the 14th of November 1891 at Christchurch, Gateshead


Joseph W?, born 1892/3 in Allendale
John C, born 1893/4 in Allendale
Sydney, born 1897/8 in Allendale

The family returned to Allendale where John had become a farmer at Oak Pool by 1901.


1    I have noted Elizabeth's name at baptism as Elizabeth Mary from the film of the parish register, but this may be an error since Norman Swindle's transcription is simply Elizabeth - and there is no subsequent mention of the 'Mary'.

2    The marriage register gives Elizabeth's age at marriage as 37 (correctly) but in the census earlier that year she gives her age as 34. This is consistent with the Elizabeth at High House in 1881 giving her age as 24.