Family History Notebook

Elizabeth Miller

Possibly1 daughter of John Miller and Elizabeth, born 17 September 1792 in Felling, Newcastle baptised 19 November 1792

Married George Swindle on 7 May 1815 in Heworth, (Gateshead),  County Durham


Margaret, born about 1816 in Walker, (Newcastle), Northumberland
Mary, baptised 22 June 1817 in Gateshead, County Durham
John, baptised 5 April 1819 in Gateshead, County, Durham
George, born (baptised?) 30 Oct 1824 in Felling, Gateshead, County Durham

Died 1 October 1854 at Sunny Brow, Helmington Row, Auckland, Durham, England


1    John and Elizabeth appear to have hade another child baptised Elizabeth in 1809 so the earlier Elizabeth may have died.

A quick scan on Family Search and RG4 gives, as children of John and Elizabeth Miller,
Elspith (1786), Joan (1788), ?Mary (1790), Elisbeth (1792), John Finley (1797), William (1798), James (1800 - mother Finaley), Edward (1802), Elizabeth (1809), Finley (1811)

Family Search lists three relevant marriages for John Miller and Elizabeth:-
    John Miller / Elizabeth Renwicks 2nd September 1782 at Heworth
    John Miller / Elizabeth Brown 2nd March 1785 at Heworth
    John Miller / Elizabeth Findley 5th June 1796 at Jarrow
There is also
    John Miller / Elizabeth Turner 25th October 1784 at Lanchester
but this can be dismissed for the present.

John (1797), James (1800) and Finley (1811) obviously are the children of  John Miller and Elizabeth Fin(d)ley.
William (1798) is less likely to be a child of these parents. Thus we are left with

Elspith (1786), Joan (1788), ?Mary (1790), Elisbeth (1792), William (1798), Edward (1802), Elizabeth (1809).

If we assume that (Elisbeth 1792) survived to marry George Swindle then Elizabeth (1809) is probably also a child of John Miller and Elzabeth Fin(d)ley.
    i.e. John (1797), James (1800) Elizabeth (1809) and Finley (1811)
This leaves

Elspith (1786), Joan (1788), ?Mary (1790), Elisbeth (1792), William (1798), Edward (1802)

Without further information I see no overriding reason to assign these children preferentially to Elizabeth Renwicks or Elizabeth Brown.