Family History Notebook

Elizabeth Smith

Daughter of John Smith, born 1827 or 1828

Married Wallace Swindle on the 12th of June 1847 at Ninebanks, Northumberland


John, baptised on the 23rd of January 1848 at Carrshields, Northumberland (from Carrshield)
Ann, born 1850
Peter, born 1852, died 1855
Elizabeth 1, born c 1854/5 5,6
Mary 1
Jane, baptised on the 24th of July 1859 at Carrshield, Northumberland (from Millhouse)
Smith, born 1861
Wallace born 1863
Thomas, born 1865 (buried 1866)
Joseph, born 1867

Died 2 on the 19th of April, buried on the 22nd of April 1900 in Carrshield, Cumberland aged 72

Elizabeth was living at Wellhope at the time of the 1871 census following Wallace's death, and at Coalcleugh at the time of the 1881 census and 1891 census


1    Information from family tree from Anne Roberts / Jim Swindale

2    Pauline Lonsdale's In Memoriam card says 'died April 19th 1900, aged 72

3    Is Elizabeth the sister of William Smith, the husband of Mary Swindle?

5    Based on her age at marriage.

6    Based on 1861 census