Family History Notebook

Elizabeth (Ellen?3) Swindle

Daughter of Wallis Swindle and Elizabeth Smith,  born 1854/5 2

Working as a servant for Ann Stokoe and her son Richard in 1871

Married Joseph Lowe on the 2nd of July 1874 at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Alston

Probably the family living at Etherley Dean, Bishop Auckland in 1881 - though the place of birth is given as Middleton in Teesdale for the whole family.


1    Information from family tree from Anne Roberts / Jim Swindale.

2    6 at the time of the 1861 census. (7th April 1861) ie born April 1854 - Mar 1855.   She gives her age at marriage as 19 - ie born July 1854 - June 1855.    Combining these gives July 1854 - Mar 1855

3    The wife of Joseph Lowe in Etherley Dean in 1881 is Elizabeth Ellen