Family History Notebook

Esther Pert

Daughter of Thomas Pert and Sarah Crowther, baptised on the 30th of December 1810 at Stanhope, County Durham

Married Christopher Swindle on the 19th of June 1841 at Ninebanks, Northumberland (from Limestone Brae)


Sarah, baptised on the 31st of October 1841 at Carrshields, Northumberland (died 1847)
Jane, baptised on the 30th of June 1844 at Carrshield, Northumberland
Thomas, baptised on the 13th of September 1846 at Carrshield, Northumberland
John, baptised on the 18th of June 1848 at Carrshield, Northumberland
Sarah, baptised on the 22nd of September 1850 at Carrshield, Northumberland
Mary Ann, born on the 18th of September 1853 at Guier Coates, baptised on the 15th of July 1855 at Limestone Brae Methodist Chapel, Northumberland

Living on her own on parish relief in 1891 (Jane and Thomas cannot be traced in the 1881 census and John and Sarah had moved away to Henshaw)

Buried 15th September 1891 at Ninebanks, Northumberland (from Farneyside)


1    Esther's father's name is given in the marriage register and she is said to be 79 at the time of her burial. In the 1881 census her birthplace is given as Weardale. The baptism listed is found in the IGI - the only other Esther born close to 1812 was the daughter of tHomas and Hannah Peart baptised in Durham on 24 Oct 1810. Her first daughter and son would have been named after her parents.

2    Christopher had died at Farneyside in 1857. At the time of the 1881 census Esther is listed as living there on her own, occupation Char Woman.

3    In the 1861 census Esther is listed as a charwoman (pauper), still living at Farneyside. Her young sons Thomas and John are helping to support the family.