Family History Notebook

Harold Swindle

Son of Robert Swindle and Kate Mooney 1,3, born 1897 in Keswick

Married Mabel Slightholme Moody in 19243

Died 19483

No further information


1    Information from Mary Pattinson. My notes of information originally from Mary indicated that Harold died in the WWI in 1916 but see notes 2 & 3 below.

2    The only H. Swindle listed in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission 'Debt of Honour Register' to have died in WWI is Private H Swindle of the Leicestershire Regiment who died on the 18th of October 1917 and is buried at Ypres. There is no H. Swindale or Swindall listed. There is a Harold Swindell who was killed in 1918. (THere are two other H. Swindell but one is Canadian and the other from London.

3    Norman Swindle writes "Looking at my records of St Catherineís Index and also a computer search on, there seems to be only one Harold Swindle born between 1860 and 1910 which will be Robertís son born in 1897. 

Your website2 suggests Harold died in World War 1 but there was a marriage registered in 1924 and also a death in 1948 with the age at death, 51, exactly matching the birth of Robertís son Harold.

 The marriage Index in 1924 says Harold married Mabel S Moody and she was probably Mabel Slightholm Moody whose birth was registered in December quarter 1900 in Gateshead district. Two other Mabel S Moodys were born in 1882 (too old!) and were not local."