Family History Notebook

Isabel Ramsay

Daughter of John Ramsay baptised 6 May 1770 in St John Lee, Northumberland.

Married Richard Swindale on 24 Sep 1792 in St John Lee, Northumberland.


    Robert baptised on 24 March 1793 in St John Lee, Northumberland.

Date of death not known

Richard was living with his parents at Anick Grange Cottage Houses at the time of the birth of Robert.

Note: Isabel Ramsay was a fairly common name in the region at the time but the marriage register declared her to be of the parish of St John Lee and this is therefore a highly probable identification. Identifying John Ramsay from the IGI is almost impossible (for example a John Ramsay had a son William baptised 18 Nov 1770, just six months after Isabel) but examination of the register transcripts should give guidance from placenames. Note that a John Ramsay married an Isable Blain on 20 Dec 1755 in Whalton, Northumberland - but a John Ramsay married Elizabeth Graham on 12 Jan 1758 in Hexham. Thomas Ramsay, the witness to the marriage, is almost certainly Isabel's brother.