Family History Notebook

Jane Ann Swindle

Illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth Swindle born on the 7th of August 1875 at Walk Mill, Allendale

Living with her great-aunt Susannah at the time of the 1881 census. Visiting her aunt Margaret Bell at the time of the 1891 census.

Married John William Robson, 24, on 26th October 1901 at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Allendale


1    From Birth Certificate: (Norman Swindle 19/02/04)

Born 7/8/1875 at Walk Mill, Allendale Father: Not shown
Mother: Elizabeth Swindle living at Walk Mill

2    Transcribed as Lionidle in the 1881 census ROM

3    Is described as Jane Ann Robinson in the 1901 census, living with her mother Elizabeth who married John Robinson when Jane was 16