Family History Notebook

Jane Erwin

Possibly daughter of William Erwin and Mary Nixon of Pryhead, born 25th November 1803, baptised 18th February 1804 in St Augustine's Alston, Cumberland or of William Erwin and Elizabeth Turnbull baptised on the 16th of March 1806 in Blanchland, Northumberland. 1

Married John Barron on the 1st of May 1825 in St Augustine's, Alston

Married Francis Swindle on the 6th of March 1853, in St John's, Nenthead, Cumberland aged 47


Peter 1856 died in infancy 1

Died 1867 aged 63


1    Jane stated that she was 47 at the time of her marriage to Francis Swindle but her age at death is given as 63 in the register of deaths. The location would support the earlier birth, but Blanchland is only over the hill from Allendale. The 1841 or 1851 census might resolve resolve the issue by confirming the county of birth.