Family History Notebook

Jane Ridley

Probably daughter of John and Jane Ridley, baptised on the 27th of March 1803 at Ninebanks from Middle Side 1

Married John Swindle on 19th May 1827 in Ninebanks, Northumberland


Barbara, baptised 1st January 1828 in Carrshield, Northumberland (from Limestone Brae)
Jane, baptised 23rd August 1829 in Ninebanks, Northumberland (from Limestone Brae)
John, baptised 10th June 1832 in Ninebanks, Northumberland (from Limestone Brae)
Sarah, baptised 13th July 1834 in Carrshield, Northumberland (from Limestone Brae) (Died in infancy)
Mary, baptised 22nd May 1836 in Carrshield, Northumberland (from Limestone Brae)
Thomas, baptised 12th May 1839 in Carrshield, Northumberland (from Limestone Brae)

Living at Limestone Brae in 1851 with her children Jane, John, Mary, Thomas. In 1861 she is living at Myrtle Bank with her son Thomas - her son John had died in 1859 and Thomas was to die later in 1861.

Died 25th January 1884 aged 80

Person ID 00685


1    Sue Pietch supports this parentage.

Possibly daughter of John Ridley and Elizabeth Lowes, baptised on 30 Jun 1803 Simonburn, Northumberland, England. Identified as the daughter of John and Elizabeth from the names of the children of her daughter, Mary. However the Lowes surname also occurs in the family of Mary's husband Caleb. Moreover Jane is identified as 'of this chapelry' in the marriage register.

Jane, daughter of John and Jane, had a brother John who married Elizabeth Swindle.

2    Death certificate courtesy of Sue Pietsch gives date of death as 25th January 1884.

3    1851    'Niece' Hannah Hetherington is visiting. Possibly daughter of Isaac and Sarah Hetherington in Middle Side in 1841.

4    e-mail 2/5/17 from Sue Pietsch

Hi Alan,
I periodically check back on this question to convince myself that I have the correct parents for Jane Ridley Swindle.  I will probably never have absolute proof but have found some additional information that proves she is not the child of Matthew and Mary.
Matthew Ridley, son of the late Henry Ridley, married Mary Bell, daughter of Robert Bell, 22 Jan 1793 in Allendale.  In addition to the children listed by you below, I have found
Mary born 21 Sep 1798, baptized 2 Oct 1798, Stanhope
Henry born 7 Apr 1801, baptized 7 Jul 1801, Stanhope
William born 13 Jul 1803, baptized 13 Jul 1806 with brother in Lanchester
Robert born 13 Jan 1806, baptized 13 Jul 1806 with brother in Lanchester
These records all list parents as Matthew Ridley and Mary Bell and native of Allendale.  Mary and Henry are transcribed as Stanhope on Ancestry but in Bishops' Transcripts are actually St Johns Chapel in Weardale and included in Stanhope transcripts.
So the Hannah Hetherington living with Jane Swindle was not her niece but rather the child of her 1st cousin Hannah Ridley Hetherington that she called her niece.  Now I am going to put this issue to rest unless you have some other new insight.  Since you have so many lines you research, I will also forward the emails that preceded this one.

(Replying to ajs to sp 16/9/13:

Like you I suspect that Hannah Ridley, mother of Hannah Hetherington, was probably Hannah, daughter of Matthew and Mary Ridley, baptised on the 10th of June 1810 in Ninebanks.
There are also (at Ninebanks)

John, baptised 30 September 1793
Matthew, baptised 23 October 1796
(Hannah, baptised on the 10th of June 1810)
Nicholas, born 8th November 1811, baptised 19th April 1825
Robert, born 18th March 1814, baptised 19th April 1825
I have not found a marriage for Matthew and Mary.
Just to give you a few more late nights - Matthew and Mary do not appear to have been too careful at having their children baptised could it be that Jane (Ridley) Swindle is a missing child?!


This is the question that started it all.  As I read back over this, I see that I was way off in the earlier Hetherington possibilities as I now believe that Joseph is the son of Joseph and Jane (Wallis) of Whiteley Shield baptized in Allendale 24 Oct 1756 and brother to Thomas who married Elizabeth Swindle in 1787 and Hannah mother of Robert who married Sarah Swindle in 1823.

sp to ajs 15 Sep 2013

Hi Alan,
I have my father safely back at his apartment with my brother in attendance and am spending the day doing nothing but tackling ancestry related queries.  I am working on several connections at present and have thrown your question into the lot.
You may have gone down these same roads, but if not here are my findings and not really a conclusion.
There is only one Hannah Hetherington registered Hexham from 1839-1841 and that is Jan Q 1840.  FamilySearch found Allendale christening 14 Mar 1840 d of John and Hannah.  Also found Ninebanks marriage of John Hetherington and Hannah Ridley 28 May 1831.   (Other John/Hannah children Jane 21 Apr 1833 Ninebanks, Joseph 21 Jun 1835 Ninebanks, Mary 8 Oct 1837 Carrshield)  I did find a Ninebanks baptism for Hannah Ridley d of Matthew and Mary 10 Jun 1810.  Only marriage I could find was 1800 in Warden of Haydon.  But, and there is usually a but, I couldn't connect to Jane Ridley Swindle's Ridleys.
I did find Hannah Hetherington on 1861 Thomas Kidd census as niece.  (On same census is sister-in-law Jane Hetherington.)  Thomas Kidd married Frances Hetherington 13 Oct 1838 Ninebanks.  Other children are Mary 16 Dec 1838, Hannah 23 May 1841, Thomas 8 Oct 1843, Jane 26 Apr 1846, Joseph 7 Jul 1850 all Carrshield.  These match children on census except Hannah is listed as age 9 same as on 1851 census.  There is a death of Frances Kidd registered Hexham Sep Q 1860.  So I decided to follow this line.
Frances Hetherington was probably baptized 3 Nov 1805 Ninebanks d of Joseph and Mally.  Assuming Mally to be Mary (1st assumption) I found marriage 12 Aug 1783 of Joseph Hetherington and Mary Westgarth in Allendale.  Other children all baptized in Ninebanks with mother's name as found in FamilySearch.
Billy 7 Aug 1785 Mary
Janney 21 Jan 1787 Mary
Mary 11 Oct 1789 Mary (sister-in-law from census?)
Joseph 7 Jun 1789 Malley
Joseph 6 May 1798 + Hannah same date (twins?) Malley
John 6 Jan 1802 Malley  (Husband of Hannah Ridley? Father of Hannah?)
This would make her niece of Thomas Kidd but not Jane Ridley Swindle so continued onto other searches.
Then looked for Joseph's baptism (father of Frances).  Found 1 Jul 1850 in Whitfield father William.  Others with father William in Whitfield -- Thomas 17 Aug 1746, William 17 Jan 1748, Matthew 20 Dec 1752.  Closest marriage in the area for William is in Shotley 17 Nov 1745 to Mary Eddy.  Also found 24 Oct 1856 Allendale parents Joseph and Jane.  I couldn't find a marriage for them, other children Jane 28 Jan 1759 and Ann 26 Dec 1761 also Allendale.  Could this Joseph be the father of Thomas in Whitfield?  I could not find a baptism for Thomas son of Joseph in Whitfield.  I was hoping I could connect this line to the Thomas who married Elizabeth Swindale in 1787.  Then Hannah would be a great niece of Jane through her husband John.  I would have to order the Whitfield film to look further.
So I looked at the William children.  I agree that Thomas and Hannah Hetherington married 26 Dec 1771 could be the parents of Robert who married Sarah Swindle (1799) on 26 Apr 1823.  Is this the Thomas born 1746 father William brother of Joseph above?  Even so, it doesn't connect to Jane Ridley or John Swindle.
So I decided it had to be the Ridley line and I hadn't found it.  (Assumption #2)
When I went back I did what I should have done hours ago.  (I'm writing this piecemeal as I go so you don't duplicate unless you want to.  Therefore you get what I discard as well.)  Since I hadn't found a marriage that seemed to fit I looked for parents' baptisms.
There is a Matthew Ridley baptized Ninebanks 7 Aug 1773 parents Henry and Mary, brother to John Ridley, uncle to Jane Ridley Swindle.  Assumption #3 is that Hannah was Jane's cousin's child (not a sibling's child) and thus not a true niece, but close enough to call it quits for now.
I have the Ninebanks, Carrshield, and some Allendale films here.  I will check what I can.  Let me know if you want any of these records.
If you have time when you visit Limestone Brae, check Barker House records.  I will go back through my emails and resend what I have so you know what I am referring to.