Family History Notebook

Jane Swindle

Daughter of Francis Swindal and Margaret Craige, born 14th June 1824 in Bochim, Allendale
              baptised 29th July 1825 in Congregational Church of Alston and Redwing, Garrigill, Northumberland

Married Joseph Chester4 on the 2nd of February 1851 at the Register Office, Hexham


Sarah, born 1851 at Allendale, Northumberland
Craig, born 1854 at Allendale, Northumberland
Jane, born 1856 at Allendale, Northumberland
Francis (Frank), born 1859 in Hexhamshire, Northumberland
Margaret, born 1859 in Hexhamshire, Northumberland
Mathew, born c1863 in Warden, Northumberland
George T., born c1866 in Warden, Northumberland

Buried on the 11th of April 1866 in Warden, Northumberland

Living at High Carrshield at the time of the 1841 census working as a servant. In 1851 Jane and Joseph Chester are living at Dryburn Hall and in 1861 at High Lipwood Cottage, High Lipwood, Haydon Bridge.


1    Information from Linda, great-granddaughter of Francis Chester. She found the likely marriage of Jane Swindle and Joseph Chester at Hexham in the first quarter of 1851. Joseph and Jane Chester are recorded in the 1851 census at Dryburn Hall, along with John Swindle, who is probably Jane's uncle. Confirmed by marriage certificate

2    Jane's death was registered in the third quarter of 1866 in the Hexham district. Joseph Chester remarried in the first quarter of 1871, to an Ann Thompson and were living at Wood Shield, Newbrough at the time of the 1871 census. In 1881 they were at Broad Stone, Haydon Bridge and in 1891 Joseph was a widower living at 75, Frank Street, South Benwell. Norman Swindle has been unable to find him in the 1901 census and believes he was probably the Joseph Chester whose death was registered in Newcastle in the third quater of 1893.

3    When Joseph was living at 75 Frank Street in 1891, John Swindle was living at number 23. John was 24 years younger than Joseph and not a close relation so this was probably just coincidence.

4    A widower from Grassly Well Row aged 26 at the time of his marriage, son of Joseph Chester.