Family History Notebook

Jane Swindle

Daughter of Peter Swindle and Jane Bownessbaptised on the 22nd of September 1850 at Crosthwaite, Cumberland

Working (unmarried) as a housemaid for George Gray, Precentor of Carlisle Cathedral in Carlisle at the time of the 1881 census. In 1891 she was a servant of Henry Dobinson, Solicitor and J.P., at Cavendish Terrace, Stanwix, Cumberland, and in 1901 a housemaid for Kigkley? Haugh, Solicitor, still in Carlisle.1

Died 1905 in Carlisle2

No further information


1    Information from Norman Swindle

2    The death of a Jane Swindle aged 56 was registered in Carlisle in the third quarter of 19051