Family History Notebook

John Barnard Swindale

Son of Joseph Thomas Swindale and Alfreda Stroym Brixley Meenborn 4 January 1910 in Ipswich, Suffolk

Married [private]


Daughter, born on the 23rd of  February 1948 1
Son, born on the 27th of September 1949 1

Died on the 31st of March 1983

His sister writes

'My mother left England and followed my father who had made a home for the family in South Africa. After his schooling out here my brother Jack went into advertising, passed his C.I.S. and became a director of companies. He was a captain in WW2.'

'He began working as a printing apprentice to help the family financially, but continued studying until he was 36, qualifying as CA. CIS and held financial positions in advertising.

No further information


1    Information from Joan Shrewsbury

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