Family History Notebook

John Clark

Son of John Clarke and Ann (Nancy),  baptised on the 19th of July 1800 in Ninebanks, Northumberland

Married Sally Summers 1 on the 18th of December 1823 at Allendale, Northumber;land

Children 3

    William, born 1838 in Allendale

John appears to have been dissatisfied with the local religious establishments in Allendale! He first supports Francis Swindle (later to be his brother-in-law?) in establishing the Bochimite sect in West Allen and then supports the United Secession Church in Allendale. The building for the latter became the Lonkley School 2 and in 1851 John Clark describes himself as School Proprietor and Road Surveyor. His niece, Ruth Swindle was staying with him at the time.


1    Sally Summers, daughter of William and Phillis Summers, baptised 2 August 1805 at Ninebanks, Northumberland

2    It is possibly coincidence that Craig Swindle, Francis Swindle's son was a lodger at Lonkley Cottage in 1851.

3    Probably other children, not searched for.