Family History Notebook

John James Swindle

Son of John Swindle and Ann Elizabeth Watson, born 1847 in Biddick (Washington), County Durham




Possibly died 1871? c

PersonID 02304



a)    1851 census    Living with his parents in Trimdon, County Durham
        1857                   Emigrated to Australia 1857 with his parents

b)    The birth of John James Swindle was registered in the fourth quarter of 1847 in the Chester-le-Street district (FreeBMD 24 39)

c)    From: (Sue Dahlke)
Subject: Notations on Victorian Certificates
Date: 11 Mar 2002 20:09:31 -0800

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me why a notation may have been made on a Victorian Death Certificate.

I have a death Certificate for Ann Elizabeth Swindle (a mother). On her death certificate it lists all her children and their ages. She died in December 1870. In February 1871 there is a notation made about one of her children. It says John James, 22 1/2, then two letters which look like I and D and then a date in 1871.

Is it possible that this means that her son John James Swindle died 1871 and it is marked on her certificate because he was born in England and obviously doesn't have a birth certificate in Australia? This is the practise in Queensland. They would go to a persons birth certificate and note on it possibly their date of marriage and whether it was a Brisbane or Country Marriage and also note their death year.

I've searched and have been unable to find a death record for this John James Swindle and would dearly love to find it. Maybe they made this notation but then did not actually register the death separately. Any thoughts would be appreciated.