Family History Notebook

John Ridley

Son of John and Jane Ridley, baptised at Ninebanks on the 15th of February 1806

Married Elizabeth Swindle on 2nd June 1827 in Ninebanks, Northumberland

Children 1

Jane, baptised on the 3rd August 1828 in Ninebanks, Northumberland (died 9th, buried 12th May 1857)
Barbara, baptised on the 13th of February 1831 in Ninebanks (died 2nd, buried 4th August 1847)
John, baptised 1st January 1833 in Ninebanks
Mary, baptised
Thomas, born 1845 (died 2nd Feb 1856)
Hannah, born 1846 (died 27th Dec 1861, buried 30th September 1861 at Carrshield2)


Died on the 9th of October 1875 and buried in the Limestone Brae burial plot.


1    I also have a note of Mary (1835), Henry (1837), Besse (1841) and Sarah(1843) with the reference 1851 census.

2    Sue Pietsch found a burial for Hannah Ridley 30 Dec 1861.  She believes this is the missing burial for John and Elizabeth Swindle Ridley's Hannah.  Death date on Limestone Brae monument gives death as 27 Dec 1861, age is incorrect on monument.  According to baptism it should be 13, burial record says 12.  Barbara and Thomas were buried at Ninebanks but Hannah is at Carrshield.