Family History Notebook

John Swindal

Son of Peter Swindall and Jane Thompson, baptised 5th February 1739/40 in Whitfield, Northumberland

 Married Sarah Dawson on 21 June 1764 in St Cuthbert, Allendale, also married (banns?) on 10th June 1764 in Ninebanks
    (Banns in Whitfield 10 Jun 1764)


Elizabeth 4
John, baptised 5th July 1767 in Allendale, Northumberland (from High Limestone Brae)
Peter, baptised 4th July 1769 in Ninebanks, Northumberland (from Black Cleugh)
Thomas, baptised 16th May 1771 in Ninebanks, Northumberland (Farneyshield)
George, baptised 12th June 1774 in Ninebanks, Northumberland (Farneyshield)
Christopher, baptised 24th August 1776 in Ninebanks, Northumberland (Farneyshield)

Died 20th September 1790 in Blackcleugh, Allendale, buried in Ninebanks, Northumberland

The four sons of Peter and Jane appear to have moved to Allendale when John was 9 following the deaths of their parents (to live with Matthew Thompson or Thomas Pattinson?). Sarah was born in Studden, Allendale?. They had moved to Blackcleugh in West Allendale by the birth of Peter in 1769 - presumably for John to work in the mines at Carrshield (Barney Craig) or Wellhope -  but then moved to the neighbouring farm of Farney Shield for the birth of the next three boys. However they had moved back to Blackcleugh by the time John died in 1790 and his son Thomas in 1791. Sarah then moved to Limestone Brae to live with her eldest son John until she died.



1    Father's surname in baptism register is Swindal; John's surname in banns and marriage register and two baptisms is Swindale, marriage entry at Ninebanks is Swindle, in three baptism entries and on gravestone is Swindle.

2    Gravestone in Ninebanks churchyard; on reverse is memorial to John Dawson - brother-in-law? (John Dawson baptised 23 Sep 1736, Allendale, father Jno Dawson)

3    Is the Ninebanks marriage entry Banns rather than marriage?

4    Elizabeth is identified as John's daughter in the entry for her marriage in Allendale in 1787. It seems likely she was born about 1765. However Jenny DeAngelis has identified her as being buried 23rd Feb 1814, aged 46, ie born March 1767 to Feb 1768, in which case she was born very soon after John.