Family History Notebook

John Swindle

Son of Peter and Nancy Swindle, born 24th April 1806, baptised  April 1806 at Alston, Cumberland (from Greenends)4


    Mary, born 1826/7
    George, born 1828/9
    Thomas, born 1834 in Alston, Cumberland

Probably died 1834 - 1841 1,2


1    Mary (14)  and George (12) are listed as living at Peat Shield, West Allendale, Northumberland at the time of the 1841 census, with Ann Swindle ('65')

Thomas (7) is listed is listed as residing at the Alston workhouse at the time of the 1841 census. Both parents are therefore probably dead (and therefore Ann and Hugh would not be John's children)

    In the 1851 census George (20), Thomas (16), Ann (9), Hugh (7) are all described as grand-children of Nancy Swindle. This implies that they must be children of either her son John or her son Thomas. Ann and Hugh are young enough to be the children of Thomas Swindle and Margaret Dawson but George and Thomas must be the sons of John. Thomas's age agrees with the Thomas in the 1881 census.

Possibly emigrated to Canada? See John Swindle 1806 - 1887

2    John has not been found in the 1841 census in Allendale, Mary and George are living with his mother, Thomas at the workhouse. Is John working elsewhere or dead?

3    Presumably John married around 1825 - this marriage has not been traced

4    I suspect some confusion of dates (by me AJS?) between baptism and birth,  1806. IGI definitely gives birth 24 April 1806, baptism April 1806 (no day). Need to check on microfilm.